Seen & Heard: New Store at Brookfield Place

••• Did we know that Jo Malone (fragrance, etc.) is opening in Brookfield Place? It’s where Satya Jewelry was. Related: Satya Jewelry has closed.

Jo Malone Brookfield Place••• From Friends of Duane Park: “We’re having our annual Neighbors Night this coming Thursday (6-8 p.m.). There’ll be a mariachi band and a taco truck, and as is true every year, we hope to meet our neighbors, enjoy a nice night outside, and generally say thanks to those in the area who make use of the park.”

••• The word on the street is that Pakistan Tea House is working on changing from an electric kitchen to a gas one and will reopen once that’s done.

••• “Looks like they’re setting up for some sort of event on Pier 26,” reports R. That’d be the AVP volleyball tournament. But then he continued with this: “While I was walking on Pier 25, I saw a police counterterrorism officer and another person who looked like an undercover officer strongly suggesting to a person of color that he show them the picture he just took with his cell phone….” Makes me so angry.

AVP••• Thanks for nothing, NYPD permit holder 861.

••• I think the plaza next to the Four Seasons hotel could end up being really lovely—and welcome in that area.

Four Seasons Downtown plaza



  1. What’s happening in supposedly quiet, quaint, family friendly and exclusive North Tribeca? Two weeks ago a I found a bullet just lying there on the sidewalk, on the cnr of Laight & Greenwich, a magnum super val. This morning (June 15) as I head to work I see a bunch of police arresting a lady on the Cnr of Greenwich and Canal. What does it say about how safely a person is carrying a weapon when they just drop a bullet on the sidewalk .Worryingly the police couldn’t have cared less when I told them . Curious to know if others see signs that quaint North Tribeca is not as safe as it seems.

    • I live in Northern Tribeca and have called the police numerous times this year about sketchy things/ potentially violent people lurking in the neighborhood. I’ve lived here many years and it’s the first time I noticed these things. One person was behaving aggressively towards children and nannies at Pier 25 and the police literally cared less and when I insisted they try to find the person, they called me and said they couldn’t find them although I could see them from my window and told them the exact location. They told me there was nothing they could do about it anyway – which makes zero sense.

  2. Will that Four Seasons Plaza be closed or open to the public? (also: will it be closed or open to the rats running around in it, right now?)