Seen & Heard: The PATH Entrance Is Moving

••• Important notice regarding the World Trade Center PATH station.

new PATH station announcement••• The east balcony at the World Trade Center Transportation Hub Oculus is now open. You can walk around to the north side, but you can’t go along the northern concourse yet. (By “balcony” I mean the upper level where stores are, not the vantage point one level up from that.)

east balcony at WTC Transportation Hub••• Presumably this “Red Oaks Prod.” shoot (flyers are posted in the Church/White area) is for the Amazon TV series.

••• The Beach side of 11 Beach—the L-shaped building, which is being converted to condos, also fronts Varick—has been uncovered.

11 Beach••• I don’t know if this artist was part of the sale happening at 102 Franklin or just something that seeped down from Soho.

artist at 100 Franklin