Seen & Heard: Opening Forecast for City Vineyard

••• City Winery’s Michael Dorf says that City Vineyard at Pier 26 should open sometime between July 8 and 15.

••• Portfolio School, opening this fall at 27 N. Moore, is having an open house info session tonight. Register here.

••• The DHL store at 130 Church, where the Christian Science Reading Room was, is about to open, if it hasn’t already.

DHL on Church Street••• As commenters have noted, signage is up for the Pret a Manger opening on the Chambers side of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Pret a Manger at the Cosmopolitan Hotel••• There was work going on inside 112 Chambers, the building just west of the Patriot. At one point, the word was that it’d be converted once the Chambers reconstruction project was done, but I couldn’t find anything recent on the Department of Buildings website.

112 Chambers