Ever Have One of Those Days?

I didn’t wake up like this. The crabbiness rolled in like a thunderstorm, provoked mainly by the tacky, schlocky, unnecessary street fair on my block today, and exacerbated by everyone else—countless pedestrians drifting into my path and stopping dead in their tracks; the six-year-old who couldn’t open the front door of my building fast enough; the schmuck on Worth Street with whom I got into a fight about his ineffectual honking; my dog for nearly biting my finger off; the PR rep who sent me umpteen photos from a party to which I wasn’t invited; and so on. This post, of my dear collection of “fuck you” photos taken over the years, is for them (not the kid) and everyone who’s planning on being a pest today. Now if you’ll excuse me, having spit out this gob of bile, I’m taking myself to a nice lunch.

fuck white people on Broadway 121013artists 92111fuck the bankersfuck the police Cortlandt Alley 42315Fuck Dorrfuck degarf NMoore 83114fuck-yuppies-by-Tribeca-Citizenfuck twelvefuck ckrobFuck capitalismfuck wsg holland tunnel bridge 112014Fuck this system Lafayette 121315fuck wbway 12712fuck berky 61912fuck earl 72312fuck cow 81612Fuck Off on Warren 12314



  1. Feel better? ;-)

  2. couldnt agree with you more….WTF!

  3. Was the party you weren’t invited to the Beekman launch? If so, that’s twice! Clearly the PR reps don’t know the neighborhood very well.

    And this post is amazing! :)