Seen & Heard: Raccoon Lodge Spinoff Appears to Have Given Up

••• Please go vote for Representative Jerrold Nadler on Tuesday. He’s done a lot of good and will no doubt continue to do a lot of good—and his opponent is trying to frame backing the Iran deal as a bad decision when it was an entirely reasonable one.

••• A new “for rent” sign in the window of 20 Warren leads me to believe that the Lodge, as the Raccoon Lodge spinoff was to be known, has given up its plan to move in there for good. This sign touts the existing liquor license (for Tara of Tribeca), which were till midnight Sunday through Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

20 Warren••• The NYPD continues to flout the law at White and W. Broadway, where patrol cars turn right against traffic in order to jog over to N. Moore. The driver of #2581 switched on the “emergency” sign just for the turn; before that, she was chatting with pedestrians about her tiny car.

NYPD car illegal right onto WBroadway••• The dentist office at 81-83 Franklin is leaving that space.

81-83 Franklin••• Matthew Sweet plays City Winery on Sept. 21. He might be sick of “Girlfriend,” but I’m not. Also: The Low Anthem on June 27.

••• Signage for Paowalla, Floyd Cardoz’s “modern Indian restaurant” in the former Mezzogiorno space at Spring and Sullivan.



  1. That same maniac police car was driving the wrong way on Reade up the bike path between Church and Broadway. Cars were having to swerve out of the way. I was about to take a video but then they stopped and illegally parked on Broadway to get a Starbucks.
    This little terror is one to keep on. It could make for a TC series.

  2. This against the traffic short cut by the 1st precinct is also happening on Beach street between Greenwich and Hudson. I could observe this several times last night.

  3. I get enough unwanted political diatribe in my Facebook feed. Must we have it here, too?

  4. Nadler’s opponent in the Democratic primary is a republican carpet-bagger…which if you’e a voting democrat, might matter.

    • It worries me that I haven’t heard more about the election on Tuesday. I think Nadler is terrific and his opponent is a cynical, Republican-in-disguise know-nothing. I hope there are lots of people better informed than I about the date of this election and that turnout for Nadler is strong.

  5. I recently asked the bartender at Racoon and he confirmed that this is really the end – there will be no sequel down the block.