In the News: Liberty Park Opens Wednesday

Access ramp at Liberty Park in the World Trade Center••• The New York Times got a preview of Liberty Park at the south side of the World Trade Center, which opens Wednesday at 11:45 a.m. As of Thursday, “it will be open to the public from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.”

••• “Chinatown’s 80-plus produce markets are cheap because they are connected to a web of small farms and wholesalers that operate independently of the network supplying most mainstream supermarkets. […] I made a little chart to compare prices with my neighborhood Key Food. In almost every case, Chinatown’s prices were less than half what I would pay at the supermarket.” Also, the produce is often way better. It’s the only place I’ll buy watercress, persimmons, papayas, and more. —Wall Street Journal

••• It’s rumored that “Serge Becker—the impresario behind La Esquina and Miss Lily’s—will open a lounge at the [Beekman] hotel.” He’d likely need a liquor license and I suspect that Community Board 1 will be nervous about such a hotspot in that tight little mini-neighborhood. —New York Post

••• Two Boots is opening a pizzeria at 86 1/2 Nassau (below Fulton). —FiDi Fan Page

••• “A monument for the Orlando shooting victims could soon be coming to the city, Gov. Cuomo announced Sunday [….] Cuomo signed an executive order to create a 10-person panel to find a site for and build the memorial. [….] The monument, which would honor ‘all victims of hate, intolerance and violence,’ could go in Christopher Park, Hudson River Park or Battery Park City, although a final decision on location has not yet been made.” Probably best not to get me started on this. But one question: Why on earth would such a memorial be in Battery Park City? —New York Post

••• The Battery Conservancy shared info about and renderings of its forthcoming playground, which will be much larger than the current one. “The renderings showed off four separate components of the updated playscape, including the Jewel Box Puppet Theater, a jungle-gym-esque playhouse, the playground entrance, and Adventure Bluffs, a hillside flush with vegetation, stairs, and slides.” Two of the three renderings in the Downtown Express were thumbnails, so the Battery Conservancy kindly sent larger versions over.

Battery Playscape jewel box puppet theater renderingBattery Playscape playhouses renderingBattery Playscape adventure bluffs rendering



  1. suggestions for specific go-to produce places?

    • From the WSJ: “Ms. Imbruce introduced me to two of her favorite destinations: the 40-foot sidewalk fruit stand on Mulberry Street just south of Canal Street, and the vegetable stores on Mott between Grand and Hester streets.” Personally, I’ve had luck in the Bayard/Mulberry area.

      • Add my 2 cents, I usually shop at the fruit carts on Canal and Mulberry. They are usually open til 8ish. Closed when weather is bad (e.g. rain or snow).

  2. Can’t read article- must be a subscriber =(

  3. Re Orlando Memorial Site: Erik, how could you fail to notice that HRPT board 1/2 appointed by Cuomo and (choice I’d put money on) BPC Board completely in his control, so no need to share credit or negotiate with the Mayor!

    • If the commission is anything like BPCA they will completely ignore public comment or local feedback and only do as they deem appropriate…the question should be where else in Manhattan do they need to attract more tourists and can add a memorial? It would be great to spread it out…our streets are alreay really crowded…

  4. No mention in the new Battery playground article about the former design by Frank Gehry (love the Bilbao image)?

    It must have been totally unbuildable.

  5. Catherine and East Broadway also great for produce and if you have a handful, easy to hop on the 9bus.
    Also, WhyTF is Cuomo building an Orlando Memorial here? Did a memorial designer give him a political donation? Maybe someone in the construction business. I understand one sounds insensitive criticizing this effort, but why are we paying for this and putting it here? It doesn’t make sense. Is Cuomo’s term over yet?

  6. Living next door to the Beekman, I am really excited for the hotel and restaurants to open, it will make this little pocket of FiDi really amazing. But I’m not thrilled about a “hotspot” going in. I hope it’s just a rumor