Requiem for the Raccoon Lodge

Raccoon Lodge: the front of the barThe Raccoon Lodge is going out with a bang this Thursday, partying from 11 a.m. through the night, says owner Ace Nowara. (And he’s bringing in food from Memphis Mae’s BBQ Bistro, his restaurant in Croton-on-Hudson.) Ace was kind enough to let me take a million photos of the Lodge, for posterity’s sake; I could’ve taken a million more. I didn’t spend much time prettying them up, and the Raccoon Lodge wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. I’m surprised he let you take photos of the place for all the crap you talked about it (alleged noisy patrons in front of the bar etc.)

  2. The Raccoon was bumping last night, terrific way to send it off and yeah there were loads of noisy patrons in front of the bar and in the street! Screw you Tribeca tightasses!