In the News: $75 Million Donation for the WTC Performing Arts Center

••• Great news: “Ronald O. Perelman, the billionaire businessmen [sic, or who knows…?], announced Wednesday that he was donating $75 million to revive plans to build a performing arts center at the World Trade Center site. […] In recognition of his gift, the new theater complex […] will be named for Mr. Perelman.” Just wondering: Is it still technically a donation if you’re buying naming rights? —New York Times UPDATE: The Broadsheet says it’ll be called the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center.

••• Speaking of R.O.P.: “The Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine of Weill Cornell Medicine has finalized a 15-year lease at 255 Greenwich [….] The fertility center will be in 10,547 square feet on part of the building’s fifth floor.” —Commercial Observer

••• Mayor de Blasio signed a law that pretty much every preservationist objected to. It “places time limits on the public review process associated with creating new New York City landmarks”—because we all know that the Landmarks Preservation Commission is quick about getting things done. —Curbed

••• Seaport District shopping guide. —Racked

••• StreetsBlog has a map of the”low-car zone” planned for Lower Manhattan on Aug. 13. Evidently, it’ll run from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m., and not in the morning as we had understood it to be. “Motorists entering the area will have to pass through NYPD-staffed ‘vehicular traffic entry points,’ where they will be encouraged to drive five miles per hour or less. With minimal car traffic entering the neighborhood, the streets will open up to ‘cultural programming, including walking tours and other activities,’ according to City Hall’s announcement.”

Map of the low-car zone in Lower Manhattan on August 13 copy


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  1. Re: Landmarks law, I think forcing a government entity to do their job instead of procrastinate and endlessly debate is a law worth having.