Get a Sneak Preview of City Vineyard Tomorrow

City Vineyard, the restaurant at the base of Pier 26, is opening tomorrow (Monday, July 4) for a sneak preview. “Join us Monday for a sneak peek of our Wine Garden!” reads the Instagram post. “Celebrate America on our west Wine Garden Monday, July 4, from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. and enjoy great views of the Hudson and handcrafted wines on tap. Get here early—the preview is the 4th only! Limited beverages and snacks available.” Presumably the “West Garden” is the patio to the west of the building…? Besides a bunch of hashtags, which always remind me of Tourette Syndrome when they’re ganged up at the end, the post also says that limited service will begin July 11, and that full service starts July 29. The post says to “make reservations now at OpenTable,” which you can do for July 27 and beyond. (OpenTable says it’s in the West Village, which is obviously wrong.)


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  1. I was trying to make out that faint sign as I walked by today at around 1:00 but couldn’t. Maybe they used white chalk on a light backdrop and terrible handwriting on purpose to keep it low key.

    Looking forward to the opening — just as good a view as Pier A but hopefully with better wine and food.