In the News: Play a Bear on Stage

••• The Broadsheet profiles “25-year-old Dodge Landesman, who is running for a seat on the Democratic State Committee, representing the 65th Assembly District, which stretches from the Battery to Vesey Street on the West Side and jigsaws just above Houston Street on the East Side. The State Committee is a unpaid council of elected leaders who are responsible for shaping the platform of the New York State Democratic Party. They also play an important, if unofficial role, in setting the agenda that more prominent elected officials, such as State legislators, consider when setting priorities.”

••• The “wealthy Manhattan bank trader—who was busted with an illegal gun when cops arrested him for clobbering his wife with a Prada clutch—dodged jail and a criminal record Wednesday when he took a sweetheart plea deal in Manhattan court.” It happened at 2 River Terrace, which the New York Post insists on calling a “posh Tribeca building.”

••• More on what happened at Pakistan Tea House. —DNAinfo

••• The New York Times checks in with artist Steve Tobin, who is still upset that Trinity Church moved the sculpture he made after 9/11. “The church owns the statue, according to an agreement that Mr. Tobin signed when the piece was installed. The church sent Mr. Tobin a document several months ago that would transfer ownership to him and return the statue to him at the church’s expense. But Mr. Tobin said he was too upset to read it. He also said, ‘I didn’t want to sign any document because of the [damaged] condition of the piece.'”

••• “Southbridge Towers dog owners are howling mad over new rules proposed by the co-op’s board that would keep them on a very short leash. The rules lay down dogma on everything from how many pooches a resident can own to how big those mutts can be, in addition to requiring residents to register their hounds with the co-op every two years—or be evicted.” —Downtown Express

••• New York Classical Theatre is letting folks enter a $10 raffle to be the bear in its production of The Winter’s Tale at the Battery. —DNAinfo

courtesy New York Classical Theatre



  1. I don’t understand why Pakistan Tea House all of a sudden needed gas, they’ve been relying on a microwave oven for thirty years….

    • As a defense against rent nonpayment allegations in Court …

      • damn, I’d have happily paid a couple of extra dollars for my microwaved chicken dansak and naan bread! Loved this place and it’s erratic service!

        • ha! i used keep mental note of how often they replaced the microwaves. they bought cheap consumer models and they seemed to last about 6 months before they burned out!

        • i don’t really get the gas service issue that baluchis claimed stopped them from opening. don’t the chinese/mexican place and the falafel joints in the same building have gas?