Seen & Heard: Inedible Arrangements

••• My understanding was that the kids’ clothing store at 147 Reade (formerly Pookie & Sebastian) is going to be an outpost of Greenstones & Cie, but the signage implies that maybe it’ll be devoted to Naturino shoes (as is one of G&C’s uptown stores). I could call or we could just wait and see; I vote for the latter.

147 Reade Naturino Greenstones and Cie••• Penguindropings came across this marvelous flyer in Tribeca.

Inedible Arrangements by penguindropings••• Opening July 12 at Patrick Parrish: “Index, Thumb, Thumb, Index, a solo exhibition of new ceramic works by Ian McDonald. [His] work stems from a constant organizing and arranging of a vocabulary of forms and materials. The architectural ceramic vessels are made in parts, measured, cut, rejected then saved, and assembled at the potters wheel to achieve their final form. Arranged within a finite space, in this case a series of richly colorful powder-coated trays, some are then assembled to create architectural models, ambiguous part compositions read horizontally and in profile.”

by Ian McDonald••• D. points out that not only is it a shame that the America’s Response Monument sculpture is still behind a fence at its new home in Liberty Park, but that “this directly contradicts the artist’s intent, as described on the statue: ‘The steel girder protruding from beneath the rocks is an actual piece of the World Trade Center Towers and as such is considered a national treasure. It symbolizes the connection between the events of 9/11 and the actions of the Special Operations heroes this monument honors. You are welcome and encouraged to touch it.'”

Americas Response Monument by D••• M. M. De Voe of Pen Parentis says the new Spanish café, Bocadillo, at 40 Gold is “spectacular.”

Bocadillo by MM De Voe