Valentine No. 48

For the sixth summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

I’ve walked by 71 Warren almost every morning since Asphalt Green opened, and I’ve long been delighted to see this black cat in the ground-floor window, fixating at the birds above.

71 Warren black catSometime in the last year, another cat magically appeared there!

71 Warren white catNow I’m occasionally lucky enough to see both (although, to be honest, neither pays me a lick of attention).

71 Warren catsThen, after I had written this post but not published it, I discovered a huge and extremely dignified new cat watching from 45 Warren….

45 Warren catI’m not the only person obsessing over it. Here’s a better look at the note:

45 Warren cat noteSomeone posted another note asking what his name is. I’ll add it if the owner answers…. UPDATE: Duder says it’s “an African Savannah, which will grow to 36″ or more.”



  1. The cat at 45 Warren is an African Savannah, which will grow to 36″ or more. Very specialized and rare (duh – it’s a Tribeca cat), but what a beauty! And the ones at 71 Warren.

  2. Unfortunately, Savannahs are illegal in NYC. Here’s a petition to legalize them.

  3. I love that Savannah! He looks so regal and indifferent when I see him. I haven’t seen the others, will need to keep an eye out.

  4. I have a cat who needs a new home. If anyone wants a very sweet and loving tabby cat, please comment here and I will reach out. I took him because the previous owner was going to send him to a shelter (not even a no kill shelter). I couldn’t let that happen…

  5. my dogs go and say hi to the cats at 71 warren every morning! they’ve become quite good friends

  6. Thank you Eric. Zulu (the black and white Maine Coon) and S’mores (the white and grey Ragdoll) were delighted with their press! Zulu, in particular, has grown quite accustomed to her morning fan club and quite enjoys the adoration. S’mores is still a kitten so he’s too busy getting into trouble to sit in a window for too long. And occasionally I stick one of my kids in the window but that usually falls flat with the crowd:-)