In the News: Big Changes Ahead for White Street Restaurant

••• A reader kindly sent over a WWD article, otherwise behind a paywall, about how Brookfield Place aims to appeal to Millennials, because there are so many around here. (Sarcasm.) Of note:

—The Joie women’s apparel chain (above) is taking the former Scoop space; “the Southern California brand […] takes inspiration from vintage designs.”
—The Starbucks opening next to the Drybar, meanwhile, “will have a differentiated food offering and will serve beer and wine.”
—”Another retailer, whose lease is days away from being finalized, is focused on the Millennial crowd with an option to custom-make shoes.”
—”There are four or five vacant spaces left. In addition, 7,000 square feet adjacent to Financier and opposite where Jo Malone will soon open will be broken into smaller spaces.”
—And Michael Kors has abandoned plans to open at the Westfield World Trade Center mall.

••• Looking for a new partner, the owners of the White Street floated out the possibility of a change of concept for the restaurant. The three options mentioned were “a member’s-only wine club, a model that has recently become popular in London,” an event space, or an Italian restaurant.

••• Muggings and thefts in the Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter.

••• Back in January, plans were announced to transform 250 Church (below) “into a sleek, amenity-filled workhouse in the hopes of luring young techies and media companies,” in the words of 6sqft; there were many renderings. But an item in the New York Post makes it sound like that was speculative: Building owner “Philips International has hired an Avison Young team to identify a net lessee who can make a prince out of a pauper. Its current 205,000 square-foot building at 250 Church St., also known as 101 Franklin St., is being vacated by the city’s Dept. of Human Resources in August 2017 and needs a makeover.”

250 Church



  1. TriBeCa Trib’s Police Beat is excellent but one thing that has irked me about it for years is the overwhelming majority of the crimes listed in it (including the whopping 201 crimes listed in current installment of it) occur OUTSIDE of TriBeCa.

    TriBeCa’s borders are the south side of Canal Street to the north, Vesey Street to the south, the west side of Broadway to the east, and the east side of West Street to the west. Most of the crimes in PB including the current installment occured outside these borders thus are not TriBeCa crimes.

    Why report those outside of TriBeCa crimes and make people think our neighborhood is more thieverous and violent than it is? Reporting crimes in other neighborhoods under the name “TriBeCa Trib” is wrong especially when the overwhelming number of them were preventable and occur from carelessness e.g. a woman leaves her bag with money, valuables, ID, and other cards in it to go to the bathroom and finds her bag with all that gone, a guy leaves his $5000 watch in his gym locker, etc.) Why should those careless victims give TriBeCa a black eye?

    A better PB would be to list the TriBeCa crimes then offer a link to crimes in the other areas (FiDi, Battery Park City, SoHo etc.) This way we have a more accurate measure of how much (reported crime) there is in TriBeCa as well as the info on crimes in the adjacent areas.

  2. When is the new starbucks opening in Brookfield place?