Seen & Heard: Ward III Is Closed Till Fall

••• A sign on the door of Ward III says the bar is closed so the building can be renovated. There’s more info on Facebook:

Ward III has been asked by our landlord to temporarily close and vacate the building while it undergoes repairs mandated by the NYC Department of Buildings. We have been working closely with the landlord and have extended our lease as we are all committed to re-opening in what we hope will be a short few months. We can’t wait to welcome you back this fall.

••• Five people have now asked about the work going on at 27 Desbrosses, but I’m afraid I have no answer. There’s an old, disapproved permit for door replacement on the Department of Buildings website, and nothing posted at the site itself, but the former has been a touch unreliable lately and I could see Ponte Equities not really caring about the latter. Way back when, the owner of the former Anchor Bar on Spring had plans to open something there; it fell apart after Sandy. My hunch is this is just the belated door replacement, but I’ve hunched incorrectly before. Anyone know anything? UPDATE: I hear from someone who would know that it is indeed simply door replacement.

27 Desbrosses••• The film/TV/ad shoots keep coming: “The Dark Tower” is back at Cortlandt Alley today. And flyers for “Falling Water” are on Chambers for a shoot on Friday. More on “Dark Tower” here and “Falling Water” here.

••• Is Chinatown’s Sky Ting Yoga opening at 381-383 Broadway? (That’s between Walker and White.) I emailed them to ask, but I have yet to hear back.

Sky Ting Yoga••• There’s a “for lease” sign in the window at Mr. Fashion at 325 Broadway.

Mr Fashion 325 Broadway••• But there’s no longer a “for lease:” sign at 61 Walker, and the windows are papered. Something coming…?

61 Walker••• Nice shot by WTC Progress of the work happening at the WTC Oculus Plaza.


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  1. My mom told me that the old Walker Supply space was rented out to a gallery.