In the News: CB1 vs. 1 Wall Street

••• Community Board 1 opposed the waiver that would allow the developer of 1 Wall Street to ignore the zoning rule that insists on open space on the roof and instead (a) let a private gym use the roof and (b) create “public space” in the sub-basement. It’s worth reading. —Broadsheet

••• The 9/11 Museum “is moving beyond its array of mainly historical items to include for the first time an exhibition of artworks created as a response to the attacks of Sept. 11.” —New York Times

••• “A pack of rabid Southbridge Towers dog owners successfully opposed new rules proposed by the co-op’s board that would require residents to register their pooches or face eviction. In lieu of pushing through the proposed rules, the co-op will instead convene a panel composed of five residents in favor of and five residents opposed to the new dog regulations in order to draft a more balanced approach to keeping Southbridge poop free.” —Downtown Express

••• A new online magazine called For New York asks prominent New Yorkers about independent businesses they like. Click the link to read artist Baron Von Fancy’s thoughts on the Odeon, Franklin Cleaners, and Arcade Bakery. Hey, how’d he get behind the counter?


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  1. Broadsheet article is definitely worth a read for everyone who cares about our community. I love the idea of impact fees..
    One only needs to walk around and see the piles of garbage being left by all these massive new developments to understand why this is especially relevant today.
    Erik thanks for pointing it out…