Seen & Heard: Buddha Bar Update

••• The judge at the State Liquor Authority’s 500-foot hearing recommended against Buddha Bar’s application for a liquor license at 62 Thomas. One notable excerpt from the ruling: “The biggest factor in my determination is he Applicant’s requirement for a DJ which is the most significant aspect of this application. In my opinion a DJ is not appropriate to the operation of a restaurant…. The Applicant’s sincerity and desire to operate only a restaurant and not a club is greatly diminished by the operation of previous licensees who had the same desire but eventually needed to operate the premises as a club.  The history of these premises, as well as the operation of other Buddha Bars in NYC and internationally, militate against the Applicant’s desires.” Now it goes to the full SLA board. If anyone hears of it being put on the SLA’s calendar, please let me know.

••• Two Hands has started taking dinner reservations, and delivery will be offered shortly.

••• From e.t.c. event planners: “We’ve recently partnered with the steamship Lilac, docked at Pier 25, to offer three kids’ birthday parties on the ship: Mermaids, Pirates, and On the High Seas. They include games, a tour of the ship, a crafts activity, a story, pizza, and party bags.”

Lilac party courtesy etc events••• After I noticed this solar-powered doohickey on Jay Street, I contacted the Department of Transportation to see what it is. I mean, it’s clearly measuring traffic, but why? The DOT said it’s not theirs, and that the device should be labeled with the owner’s name (possibly a consultant doing a study for a developer). The device has no ID, alas, and I resisted turning it off out of protest. (The second photo is what you see when you open it.)

Harrison Street doohickeyJay Street doohickey••• From the Battery Park City Authority: “The BPCA, Brookfield, Island Global Yachting Ltd., and the Captains of the Shearwater and Ventura—two historic sailing vessels moored in Battery Park City’s North Cove Marina—today announced the Community Summer Sail Program, which offers free public sailing trips on selected dates over the next six weeks [PDF]. Beginning Sunday, July 17, and continuing through Saturday, August 20, the Shearwater and Ventura will offer free weekly cruises on an alternating basis, open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. […] Those wishing to reserve a Community Summer Sail space on Ventura should visit and use the search term ‘sailing.’ Those wishing to reserve a Community Summer Sail space on Shearwater should email Kieran Carley ( or Jeric Bendigo ( with the Subject line ‘Community Sail,’ and the date of the sail they wish to attend.”



  1. That traffic device would have made a great “Where in Tribeca” contest!

  2. When I first saw this right outside of my building, the lines leading from the device ended under a truck. So, the paranoia started. Is it a bomb? Asked all the construction guys around and no one seemed to know anything. The truck drove off, nothing happened and I finally found someone who said it was put down by the DOT in the morning. (?) Sigh of relief, but sorry that the times are such that this even came into my head.