Seen & Heard: Wichcraft Opens on Monday

••• The Wichcraft at Broadway and Worth soft-opened yesterday, and it appears to officially open Monday.

••• Two new confirmed stores in the Westfield World Trade Center mall: Duane Reade and Gateway Newstands, next to each other on the landing below the Vesey Street entrance. (Gateway intentionally misspells “newsstand”?) That brings the total confirmed to 85, and by “confirmed” I mean where signage is up or there’s been other visual evidence.

Duane Reade and Gateway Newsstands at the Westfield World Trade Center mall••• Also at the World Trade Center: I don’t know if I had seen the big TVs (or maybe not turned on?) in the concourse between the Oculus and the Fulton Center.

Fulton Center TVs••• Opening today at hpgrp Gallery: The “group exhibition Quest by Ricardo Gonzalez, Yoon Hyup, Kyne and Meguru Yamaguchi. Their work strongly reflects so-called street culture with graffiti, skateboard, and hip-hop imagery. The artworks are vivid, graphical, and have a strong relationship to the idea of ‘commercial art.’ Although their cultural background varies from Mexico to Korea and Japan, the artists informed each other’s work in New York with their common language of ‘street.'” Below: Yoon Hyup’s “Summer Breeze.”

Summer Breeze by Yoon Hyup••• From the Battery Park City Authority: “A meeting of the Members of the Battery Park City Authority will take place on Wednesday, July 20, beginning at 9:45 a.m., at 200 Liberty Street, 24th Floor. Meetings are open to the public for observation, but not for direct participation.”