Seen & Heard: Four Seasons Hotel Opening Date

••• Someone stripped off the fake log paneling on the Raccoon Lodge.

Raccoon Lodge stripped bare••• B. noticed that the Four Seasons hotel at 30 Park Place is accepting reservations for stays beginning September 12. Below: A photo that the hotel tweeted of the lights in its Greenwich Ballroom.

Greenwich Ballroom lights at Four Seasons Downtown••• “Okja” is shooting today and Wednesday in the Warren/Greenwich area. That’s the sci-fi film with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton.

••• “Fortitude” is filming in the Warren/Church area on Thursday. Didn’t have my phone or camera with me when I saw the flyers. Can it really be this TV series set in the Arctic Circle?

••• And “Law & Order: SVU” will be back in the usual spot (Chambers/Broadway) on Wednesday.



  1. ‘Funny how you don’t complain about the excessive amount of film shoots around here which bring absolutely ZERO money to local businesses since these shoots all have their own food and drink from catering trucks.

    How are they not disruptive? They close streets and take up parking spaces. What do they provide residents? At least the street fairs offer food and goods and allow you to walk freely.
    People like lights shining through their windows and generators buzzing at night? Having to park their cars blocks away from home or spend money parking in a garage until a multibillion dollar company is done using the streets? But a street fair selling zeppoles in the middle of the workday when most people are at work (save your work at home ass) is evil and bad.

    If they’re gonna shoot so much down here can they at least offer jobs including extra spots to neighborhood/area residents? Why not? I don’t like how they come down here with their own people, food, and drink and don’t directly benefit the neighborhood in some way outside of maybe ordering ten pizzas for the crew from a neighborhood pizzeria (big deal and how nice for ONE business.)

    • Each of our perspectives is different. I live here and acting is my profession. I have been fortunate enough to book some gigs that have shot in the area making my commute so much easier than when I shoot uptown or in NJ. So, many times I have been one of “their own people” and yet still local. And I am thankful for that. I am a union member and these are union gigs. And while many shoots have catering for lunch, more and more frequently, they are doing walk-away meals which means they give actors/crew money to get their own lunch at local establishments. Still have craft services (snacks), just not catered lunch. Wardrobe, props and set often make their purchases in the areas where they are shooting. And of course, if they are doing interiors, the location aka business is getting paid. So, actually, there are often local neighbors benefiting. Doesn’t mean that I don’t agree that shoots are also disruptive when they come into a neighborhood. Nor does it mean that they can’t do more to patronize even more local businesses. I’m just saying that money is coming into the area and some of those employed are your neighbors. Different perspectives, as I said.

  2. please don’t ban cookie milk. he’s not a very good troll but what he lacks in skill, he definitely makes up in passion and persistence!