In the News: Nike Store in the Works

100 Barclay arcade••• Nike has a lease out on the big retail space at 140 West (a.k.a. 100 Barclay), which had been rumored to be a Bloomingdale’s. Sounds like someone got tired of Nike dragging its feet, though, and planted an article in the New York Post claiming that Under Armour is itching for the space, even though Under Armour has a store opening at the Westfield World Trade Center mall.

••• Two customers foiled an attempted theft at El Vez. —Tribeca Trib

••• The sandwiches at Hank’s Juicy Beef were reviewed by people who managed to get out of Chicago. —Eater

••• Curbed looks at the history of the church at 44 John.

••• The Blue Ribbon restaurant rumored for the A.K.A. hotel at 84 William will be called the Blue Ribbon Federal Grill. —Eater



  1. Real cool telling us about a new store which sells sneakers made from sweatshop labor.

    You are the biggest corporate shill out there in NYC blogland, you truly are with your “sponsored” posts and your giving press to corporate businesses.

    You report about Hank’s Juicy Beef but never really covered Carl’s Steaks.

    You report about a Nike store but never did a feature on the indepedent sneaker store on Chambers Street.

    You shit on street fairs city people work but have no problem with the TriBeCa Film Festival and Taste Of TriBeCa street fairs which employ outsourced i.e. non-TriBeCa/area people and use free labor under the guise of “interns”.

  2. Interesting post Cookie…..I enjoy the street fairs and the change that it brings to the regular routine. The truth is I don’t usually buy anything at the fairs but I do enjoy strolling through. I was a little shock that there was no music at the past fair. I have also frequented many of the bars mentioned here as being loud and not good for the hood (Sazon, 20/20). I am also impressed by the amount of solid information on new businesses that are opening in the area. I used this blog for information that serves my needs. I do not live in the area but have been working here for over 25 years. It’s not perfect and I don’t always agree with what is posted but overall I feel it serves the public well. I hope that you find what you are looking for Cookie…..

  3. Bitter Cookie…so uninformed that you dont even know that Taste of Tribeca is a fundraiser for local public schools..organized and run by them as well who use volunteers like most not nonprofits…maybe you should volunteer instead of grousing…

  4. It’d be interesting to know if cookie is this bitter and angry in real life