In the News: Sphere Sculpture Will Be Moved to Liberty Park

wtc sphere 72612••• “Fritz Koenig’s “Sphere for Plaza Fountain,” once the sculptural centerpiece of the World Trade Center, will be reinstalled there [at Liberty Park] this year, returning a visceral symbol of death and rebirth to an understated—and all but sanitized—landscape.” That “sanitized” crack is unfair. Should Silverstein have left a field of rubble for it to sit in? —New York Times

••• Actor Keegan-Michael Key (of “Key & Peele” and Keanu) “recently moved to an apartment in Tribeca (he also lives in Los Angeles). ‘I haven’t found my pizza place there yet,’ he said.” Have three little letters ever contained such optimism? —New York Times

••• How actor/producer Denis Leary, who lives in Tribeca, spends his Sundays. He’s also part of the Tribeca-Litchfield contingent, with a house in Roxbury, Conn. —New York Times

••• Calvin Lee, “a Battery Park City resident and onetime Stuyvesant High School student will be traveling to Kazan, Russia in August to represent the United States at the International Olympiad in Informatics, a worldwide, annual computer programming competition for high school students.” —Broadsheet

••• The New York Times looks back at the lift of art dealer Dick Bellamy, who once had a gallery in Tribeca (and who sounds like someone Ben Whishaw should play in a movie).


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  1. Wowzers, and I thought my Sundays were mucho-exciting! Looks like I am going to have to up my game.