In the News: Ferry Crash

••• “Seventeen passengers aboard a ferry on the Hudson River were injured after it struck a dock in Jersey City on Saturday night [….] Three people were removed on stretchers and the rest were able to walk off the ferry, the Peter R. Weiss operated by New York Waterway [….] All of the injuries were minor.” The ferry departed from the World Financial Center, as the New York Times referred to Brookfield Place.

••• Floyd Cardoz’s Soho restaurant, Paowalla, opens Wednesday at Spring and Sullivan. “Despite the temptation to view the restaurant as Tabla 2.0, Cardoz considers it more of a contemporary update, with a focus on shareable small plates, minus Tabla’s tasting menus and tablecloths.” The menu looks good. —Grub Street

••• “Westfield Corp., the Australian real estate giant that controls the massive retail space at the World Trade Center, is suing Bebe, claiming the clothier breached its obligation to the landlord by failing to take possession of the space.” That’s why I’m not counting anyone in until I see signage. —Real Deal

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks at the history of 105 Broad.

105 Broad courtesy Daytonian in Manhattan



  1. The New York Times’ reference to the ferry departing from “World Financial Center” is not a mistake. WFC appears to be the outdated name for the ferry terminal near Brookfield Place. That’s what they call it on various ferry sites, including NY Waterway. A name change would seem to be in order….

  2. I “love” how Westfield is suing for $2.5 million (rent for the 9 year lease) AND seeking to terminate the lease . . . so they can get another 2.5 million. Maybe they think they can get more with a new tenant. In any event, they will have no trouble renting that space, but our courts are clogged with stupid caes and time and money in general is wasted.

    I am, however, looking forward to that area being in full swing.

  3. I thought the whole complex was still called “The World Financial Center” and that it was just the mall that was “Brookfield Place.” The Brookfield buy all the buildings and the land? FWIW, the plaque on the stairs of the Winter Garden says “World Financial Center”. And also FWIW, that’s what I call the complex.