Valentine No. 50

For the sixth summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

Balloon Saloon is obviously a source of infinite joy, but you don’t even have to set foot inside to find yourself smiling—as proven by these wonderful photos of people posing (or otherwise having their way) with the inflatables dangling outside. Click on a photo to see the photographer’s user name on Instagram (and/or to watch the photos as a slideshow).

Courtesy sofzabalaCourtesy rodrigom30Courtesy olive_longie_shortieCourtesy iantarbertCourtesy noreenkahmadCourtesy foxlaraCourtesy doublejointedyoginiCourtesy chadnerCourtesy brenbodinCourtesy bangalazkaCourtesy amankaur07Courtesy arsie