In the News: Another Ice Cream Cart

McConnell's peppermint stick ice cream••• The Maman on W. Broadway now has a cart (inside, not on the sidewalk) selling ice cream from McConnell’s in Santa Barbara, which I’ll find very exciting if the six flavors include peppermint stick. (Most places only carry it around Christmas, but there’s hope since peppermint stick is one of the brand’s core flavors.) “Sandwiches made with vanilla ice cream and unbaked chocolate chip cookie dough will also be sold at the cart.” —New York Times

•• Target is also opening a store on E. 14th St. —Real Deal

••• The massive police presence around City Hall Park is because of a Black Lives Matter protest that drew around 100 people. “Many vowed to sleep in the park overnight and not leave until their demands were met. A large rally calling for the ‘Occupation of City Hall’ [is] planned for 6 p.m.” —New York Daily News

••• A slideshow about St. Paul’s Chapel. There doesn’t seem to be an accompanying article…. —New York Times