Seen & Heard: Arcade Bakery Is Closing for a Month

••• Schnippers has a schnazzy entrance.

Schnippers••• 111 Murray is above ground. If you’re late to this project, renderings of the 58-story tower are here.

111 Murray••• The good news: Wichcraft’s BLT season starts today (at least at the Greenwich Street location). The bad news: Adam and I had a really subpar lunch at the new Wichcraft on Broadway yesterday. I won’t go into details; I sincerely hope that the restaurant finds its footing.

••• Does anyone know why the NYPD has blocked parking on the south side of Duane between W. Broadway and Church for 17 days?

No parking Aug 1-18 on Duane2••• Speaking of the NYPD…. Police barricades in front of a bus stop mean people have to wait in the street…?!

NYPD barricades at Broadway bus stop••• The sidewalk shed on the south side of 433 Greenwich is gone. Looks nice.

433 Greenwich south side••• This is upsetting. I registered a complaint with Roger, who pointed out that the staff would be there for one of the four weeks, cleaning and so forth, but that gives us croissant addicts little comfort.

Arcade Bakery summer closing dates



  1. There will be an open-ended Black Lives Matter protest in City Hall Park (think Occupy Wall Street/Zucotti Park). Logistics begin tonight. Maybe that’s why Warren St parking is blocked? It is probably why the barricades are up.

  2. arcade always closes for four weeks in the summer proving that they are authentically european to the core.

  3. The no parking sign on Duane st may be a fake. They usually put more info on the sign than what is there. The 1st Precinct can tell you about any parking restrictions filed for that block. I work on 15th st btwn 9th and 10th Ave. There is an event space there that routinely puts up fake police parking “you will be towed” flyers.