Seen & Heard: Rainbow Umbrella

••• I hear from a reader that the former Grazin’ space at 59 56 Reade won’t be a deli but, instead, a kitchen for a delivery service (like Maple) called Rainbow Umbrella. I couldn’t find anything online to confirm it, though. That name….

59 Reade••• Swiss In situ, the temporary Swiss Institute gallery at 102 Franklin, opens Thursday. From the website: “Exhibitions and public programs will be focused on temporary structures—including publishing formats, social experiments and architectural forms – set against the fast-mutating landscape of downtown Manhattan. Expanding upon the success of Swiss Institute’s One for All series, which offered emerging artists a first institutional exhibition in the US, Swiss In situ will present new systems of research and production to New York audiences. For Swiss In situ’s very first installation, independent Swiss publishing houses Nieves and Innen will bring their focus on artist-made zines to NY with a presentation of the hundreds of pocket-sized, image-based publications they have commissioned over the past 15 years. In light of the social and community-oriented nature of zine productions, Nieves and Innen have also invited a group of international collaborators and like-minded producers to exhibit their work as part of the library and to speak in workshops and artist talks about their publishing practices.”

Swiss In SituNieves Innen zine show at Swiss In Situ••• Permits are posted all around south Tribeca for a shoot this Friday for “Falling Water,” which is described here.

••• Sorry, fans of bad pizza: Domino’s is closed for renovations.

Dominos••• Signage is up for YogaSpark on Duane.

Yogaspark••• As expected, the postal services shop at 130 Church closed.

130 Church


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