In the News: Unkempt City Hall Park

The Italian Bunnies by Claudia Comte courtesy Public Art FUnd••• “City Hall Park, one of Manhattan’s loveliest small oases, was in an alarmingly unkempt state when I visited to see ‘The Language of Things,’ this season’s Public Art Fund-produced exhibition there. Lawns were overgrown and raggedy, flower beds were clogged with dead leaves, and trash was strewn over the paving stones. The situation was not much beautified by the exhibition, which, leaning toward colorless abstraction and dry conceptualism, refers obliquely to various ideas about language.” It’s so true about City Hall Park; you’d think such a prominent park would get better treatment. (Pictured: “The Italian Bunnies” by Claudia Comte.) —New York Times

••• “An SUV belonging to the top police official for the Port Authority Police Department got stuck Friday on a rising security barrier, hoisting its front end some four feet into the air.” It happened on the part of Greenwich Street that was supposed to reopen with the World Trade Center but remains inaccessible. —New York Post

••• “About 200 Department of Correction inmates were evacuated from the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse [100 Centre] Friday afternoon following a transformer fire in the building’s basement.” —DNAinfo

••• Time-lapse video of the installation of the current JR mural at 100 Franklin. —Wallpaper


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  1. It’s so true about City Hall Park. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that they spent $20 million to renovate it. Now it doesn’t look much better than before they did all the work.