Seen & Heard: World Trade Center Mall Tracking Report

••• I heard a while back that 95 Chambers was going to be an “Aveda spa,” which I decided had to mean an Asanda Spa, since the Park Avenue location (branded Asanda Aveda Spa) is what comes up when you Google “Aveda spa.” I never mentioned it because I saw no signs of work. Now there’s a Landmarks Preservation Commission letter posted in the door for changes happening to the façade and interior, and Department of Buildings permits have been filed for an interior renovation. I emailed the company to see if there’s any chance of a confirmation; otherwise we’ll have to wait and see.

95 Chambers••• Arpita Deli’s new sign is a real eye-grabber. I stopped for a minute to look for misspellings—sure enough, “cigarattes”—but I was more delighted by the line about “Special Prayer Arrangement for Taxi Driver.”

Arpita Deli••• Opening Aug. 19 at hpgrp Gallery: The Magic of Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV. “Since its initial release in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has captured the imaginations of millions around the world. Ahead of the release of the fifteenth installment in the series this September, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a full-length CG feature taking place along the game’s timeline, will be released worldwide. This exhibition features film visuals and concept art, as well as illustrations composed for Final Fantasy XV by the renowned Yoshitaka Amano, offering visitors the chance to be among the first to step foot inside this fantastic world.”

Kingsglaive Final Fantasty XV copy••• A World Trade Center mall update from the reader known as Hudson River: “Some of the stores are starting to take the paper off the windows. I’ve been keeping a tally of what looks likely to open on the 16th and it stands at 19 probable, 12 possible, but that’s based on my not knowing anything, but ‘probable’means the ceiling is in and ‘possible’ means there are display cases etc.” (I think “probable” and “possible” are reversed in that last sentence…?) “They are also working like crazy on the east and west street-level Oculus entrances, inside and outside, which I’m hoping means those entrances will open soon, which should alleviate some of the insane crowding on Church Street. They will need to have some kind of pedestrian passage on the west side of Church Street though and I haven seen any indication of that yet. P.S. Got a tiny peek into Apple through an open door and thought I saw finished ceilings and the wood display tables they use. Still no signage.”

Under Armour at the Westfield World Trade Center mall And Other Stories at the Westfield World Trade Center mall Fossil at the Westfield World Trade Center mall••• Barry’s Bootcamp is closed this week for a bit of renovation.

Barrys Bootcamp Tribeca renovation



  1. I walked through the westfield mall yesterday and found it really difficult to get around with a stroller because it was almost impossible to find the elevators. Ended up taking my stroller up an escalator because they told me the elevator was all the way on the other side.

  2. If you have not seen it already the website for the WTC mall is This site includes a email signup for their “latest news, events, and deals from Westfield” .

    • Thanks I definitely hadn’t seen that, the list of stores does show the opening dates and/or ‘coming soon’ for some of them. Let’s see how they do!

  3. Could also be an Aveda store/salon.

    • Except the intel had specifically mentioned a spa, not a salon, and folks I know with connections to Aveda said it definitely isn’t an Aveda salon. (Of course, things can always change….)

  4. Taxi drivers need all the special prayer arrangements they can get! And danger pay.

  5. Yes, ‘possible’ and ‘probable’ are reversed, but things are moving so fast that it’s out of date as soon as it’s printed anyway. Today several more stores have merchandise and shelves are being stocked and there are people who look like sales staff inside. They have opened the big-screen displays in the West Concourse, and there were half a dozen police dogs being trained in the oculus.