In the News: Congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge Path

Brooklyn Bridge 2010••• “After escalating complaints [about the crowding on the Brooklyn Bridge], New York City transportation officials said on Monday that something would finally be done to solve the riddle of what they call ‘Times Square in the Sky.’ That something—if the elderly crossing can take it—could be building a new path to alleviate congestion so bad that some people avoid the Brooklyn Bridge entirely.” (The above photo is from 2010; I don’t have a more recent shot because I’ve become one of those people who avoid the bridge.) —New York Times

••• Downtown Express previews the Battery Dance Festival (Aug. 14-20).

••• The World Chess Championship will be at the Seaport District in November. —New York Times

••• “FDNY reports 3 injuries, one critical, in fire at 30 Broad St., now declared under control.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Black Tap Down, the below-ground expansion of Black Tap on Broome, seems to have finally opened. (Yes, it’s a reference to Black Hawk Down.) —New York Times

••• More renderings and floor plans for 70 Vestry. Below: lobby, squash court. —Curbed

70 Vestry lobby rendering 70 Vestery squash court rendering



  1. It would be nice if there was a vendor ban on the bridge. The congestion isn’t any better with the crapola for sale on the carts. I don’t recall any of this existing during the Bloomberg admin.

  2. (Crapola carts have been there since Rudy)

    Pedestrian walkway needs to be double-decker. Lower level for bikes, upper for walking/running only.

  3. They have to keep the cyclists and pedestrians separate. I am amazed more people haven’t been hurt, given the way people mindlessly wander into the bike lane.
    Selfishly, I’d love to see a lane/level for runners. I used to run the bridge every day, but now won’t even attempt it between 5 am and midnight. Alternatively, they need a separate lane for the tourists that seem dead set on laying in the middle of the pathway to get the “perfect” shot!
    When did it get so crowded, I can’t put my finger on it, but it was after 2009, and before 2014?