In the News: Apple Store to Open on Tuesday

Westfield World Trade Center mall••• “On Tuesday, Westfield will celebrate the grand opening of its World Trade Center mall with a family day from noon to 6 p.m. There will be hourly stage performances in the Oculus, including the Harlem Gospel Choir and the ‘School of Rock’ cast, hands-on workshops at Eataly’s newest marketplace and, of course, shopping. You’ll find goods from more than 100 fashion, beauty, lifestyle and technology labels.” Technology labels? Is that even a thing? I guess it means Apple and Bose, because the mall roster is 90% apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics. Also, when I went to snap the above photo this morning, Eataly had hawkers on the Oculus floor promoting today’s opening, and one’s voice reverberated through the entire thing like crazy. I can only imagine what the Harlem Gospel Choir and “School of Rock” cast will sound like. —New York Times

••• Speaking of Apple: The company confirmed that it’s opening Tuesday. —FiDi Fan Page

••• And the New York Post got invited to a private opening party beforehand.

••• “A woman was injured when a school bus trying to park in front of [P.S. 234] rammed into a street sign Monday morning, causing it to fall and strike her.” —New York Post

••• More in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday’s closing of most streets below City Hall Park: “Police will allow residents and people with business in the area to pass through entry points, a spokeswoman said. But even those drivers will be asked to drive no more than 5 miles an hour during the event.” I suppose they chose FiDi because it’s dead on weekends, but the area is not exactly a delight to walk/bike around (narrow streets, nothing open, etc.). If they had included the streets along the perimeter, you might have something more interesting. Also, the Wall Street Journal couldn’t find a single resident to ask about the plan?

••• A fool and his Cartier watch are soon parted. —Tribeca Trib