Seen & Heard: Apple Store Revealed

••• The Apple store at the World Trade Center mall has been revealed. (It opens with the rest of the mall—or whatever is done and ready—tomorrow at noon.) Thanks to J. for the pix!

Apple at Westfield World Trade Center1 by J Apple at Westfield World Trade Center2 by J••• Say, does anyone know which grade the Health Department gave Lilly O’Brien’s?

Lilly OBriens••• Yesterday, I posted about seeing an inter-city bus disgorge passengers onto Varick, where the bus stop signage only mentioned MTA buses. James helpfully clarified the rules; what I don’t know is whether the bus might have a permit even if the signs don’t mention it. The folks at @twobridgestower tweeted that the bus appears to be a “notorious” Yep Tours bus, citing this and this. Yep is apparently known for ignoring the city rules. So if you see a bus picking up or, more likely, dropping off passengers in Tribeca, snap a photo of any markings and check the bus stop sign to make sure it’s not allowed, and we can forward them to the 1st Precinct. We have enough buses around here without getting the ones that other communities have chased off.

••• Which brings us to bus item #2…. Commenting on that post, Elizabeth asked about the buses now parking on Church south of Warren. At least some of them are being used to transport PATH passengers to 33rd Street while a PATH line undergoes weekend work. The bad news: The buses will be running 24 hours a day. The worse news: They’ll be there through December. The worst news of all: They’re the noisy Academy buses that those of us on Broadway have come to dread—exceedingly noisy, even at rest but more so when accelerating. As you can see from the map, the buses impact not only Church, but also Varick, W. Broadway, and Murray.

PATH Weekend Outage Map UPDATE 0816PATH shuttle on Church Street••• Eataly’s website says that at its fancier restaurant, Osteria della Pace, “lunch reservations will be available starting on September 12.”

••• There’s a poop scofflaw on Jay Street!

poop scofflaw



  1. Lily O’Briens received an A grade from DOH when it was inspected on 8/5/2016.

    • It was a joke…. Take another look at the photo…. (But I appreciate the research!)

      • When I had my dog to walk i used to pick up after it AND also always carried a bottle of water and detergent and would pour it on the sidewalk or street or building where she peed. Above and beyond, perhaps, but aside from common courtesy… dog urine smells. I always see people letting their dogs pee on the garden patch in front of PS234. WTF people….Nudge your dog along.

  2. i know the posting about the poop scofflaw on jay street is tongue and cheek but as a dog owner, i have to say some of the people who post these kind of signs are nuts.

    if you don’t want dogs to pee on your trees put up a fence or other barrier around the tree. the maintenance guy for the bldg on the corner of greenwich and jay regularly yells at people when their dogs pee on those trees. guess what? dogs pee on trees and it’s not illegal.

    • I think the main point was about cleaning up after your dog, which is the law.

    • Better idea, have your dog do its thing in the curb. Or, have your dog pee on your own trees or in front of your home, not others’. Please show respect for your neighbors. Many of us do do not want to clean up after you and your dog. Many people have to climb into the tree pits to tend to trees and flowers. Do you think that they want to be subjected to you your dog’s mess?

      • most people put a small fence or a wall around their trees. dogs will naturally gravitate to a tree but if there is a barrier the tree is protected. personally, i focus my efforts on not letting the dog pee on peoples’ buildings, cars and bicycles. i always pickup the poop. flame me, if you must…

    • Really? Dog owners like you are the ones that give others a bad name. You should always try to have your dog go off the curb or in the street. And afterwards, you should always pick up after the dog. It’s not that hard to do and it’s just part of being a decent human being.

      It’s absurd that you would think the person putting up a sign (because they are fed up with the lack of common courtesy) is the crazy one.

      • I’m always confused about the “curbing” your dog demand. On most streets that I observe in New York, there are cars parked at the curb. Do people want the dogs to pee on the cars? Or are there streets that I’m not aware of where there are no cars? Or if you want the dog to go in the street, are we going to continue this crazy experiment of “shared streets” that worked so well last weekend?

        I’m totally with anyone who is horrified that people don’t pick up after dogs. It’s just gross to leave it there. But when people start demanding that they pee in the middle of the street, the argument starts sounding a little extreme…

        • the “curb your dog” thing comes from the horse drawn carriage days. look at old photos of new york and you will see piles of horse excrement by the curb. in an era before cars (and poop bags) it made sense to bring your dog to the curb to go. there is no law about “curbing your dog.”

          • Whatever street you’re on, there’s enough room in between cars for most dogs to go. Curbing just means to try to have them go as close to the edge of the sidewalk as possible so that anything that’s left behind is less likely to be stepped on, because even if you pick up after your dog, there will be times when you can’t get everything off the sidewalk.

            And J – I’m not sure what type of standards you hold yourself to as a member of the community, but just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it’s perfectly fine to do.

            I’d also like to add that I’ve had a dog in the city for several years and none of this should be all too difficult to do.

          • I’ve always understood “curb your dog” to actually mean “pick up its damn poop”… Hadn’t even thought through the etymology…

  3. There has been a lot of poop left on all sidewalks everywhere over the last six weeks. Don’t know if it’s the heat or substitute walkers! Still very disgusting.

    My bigger pet peeve is people who let their dogs pee on the buildings. It runs down the building and on to the sidewalk where it is shared with shoes, strollers, wheelchairs, and grocery buggies. Just Nasty!!!! Please curb your dog!

  4. The Poop Scofflaw posting is mine. It isn’t tongue and cheek. It’s a serious complaint about people that don’t pick up after their dogs. I am a dog owner, and, like most dog owners, I do my best to be respectful of other people using our sidewalks. However, there are some, and these are the scofflaws, that just leave it. Very disrespectful, unneighborly, and particularly with so many kids running around Tribeca, downright dirty.

    As for the super of the building, also a dog owner, he is simply being protective of a sapling just planted to replace a dead tree. It is not illegal for dogs to pee on trees, and they sure want to, but it isn’t good for the trees either. We have now put up a tree guard and, of course, there’s always someone who let’s their dog jump into the tree pit. I’m reminded all too often of the company name of my first dog obedience trainers – Who’s Walking Who