In the News: Giant Walls of Garbage

Sears loft by Stellan Herner courtesy Milk••• A French magazine called Milk scopes out the apartment of Barry and Nathalie Sears. The article says it’s in Tribeca, but it’s in FiDi. The Google Translate version is a treat, ending with “A clean and quiet loft on the inside, in contrast with the overexposed voltage Manhattan parade before the eyes.” Also, j’adore that the Milk website refers to Twitter as Tweeter. Much more fun to say that way. (Photo by Stellan Herner, courtesy Milk.)

••• Downtown Express on Lower Manhattan’s garbage problem—i.e., the giant walls of garbage you find on nearly every block, particularly near large buildings—and how it’ll only get worse.

••• The Wall Street Journal says around 60 stores opened at the Westfield World Trade Center mall today. When I walked through, I was once again amazed how little food there is.

••• N. pointed out an Atlantic article (from January, but whatever) on photographer Peter Garritano, who shot photos inside the telecom hotel at 60 Hudson. Go to Garritano’s site for more photos.



  1. Trash day = field day for the bottle and can scavengers.

    • the two ladies that i see collecting returnables on a regular basis are very neat and careful. i am amazed that anyone will do this for 5 cents an item.

      • I agree, the ones I’ve seen almost always try to leave everything as close to how they found them. They’re definitely more neat and careful than the sanitation workers that are paid to actually collect the trash.

  2. Those “scavengers” are feeding themselves. Please choose your words carefully. Thanks.

    • Enough with the PC word policing! They ARE scavengers, which is not derogatory but the proper use of a word in the English language and doesn’t imply that they’re evil. This PC crap is why Trump is so popular – grow up!