In the News: First Aerial Photo of Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan from balloon by James A Hart for Colliers via NYPL••• “See Lower Manhattan circa 1906 in the first aerial photo of NYC. A daredevil photographer snapped the picture from a hot-air balloon.” —Curbed

••• “Westfield’s shopping mall at the Oculus at the World Trade Center has been transformed from a somber, white marble mausoleum-like Olympic skating rink into a vibrant shopping area with colorful window displays and plenty of shoppers.” I actually think getting the chance to see it in its pre-mall “mausoleum” state was a real gift. The New York Post also says that 100 stores and restaurants have opened, which I doubt but have no plans to verify.

••• Alleged gigolo headquartered in FiDi. —New York Post

••• Black Tap‘s new subterranean level is much larger than the street-level part of the restaurant. —Eater

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks at the history of 6 Stone Street, where “a downtown NYC photo gallery was busted in 1924 for scandalous parties and underage girls.”

6 Stone Street courtesy Daytonian in Manhattan copy