Seen & Heard: 111 Murray Is Rising Quickly

••• A reader noticed this NYPD seal on the door at 75 Warren and wondered what it means. I’m afraid that, according to the consensus on this page, someone died there, either unattended or under suspicious circumstances.

NYPD DOA sign at 75 Warren••• 111 Murray is going up quickly. “Easily 60 workers at any time,” says J., who sent in this photo.

111 Murray by J••• Tenoverten is opening a nail salon in L.A. next month.

••• Spotted this guy at the corner of Chambers and Broadway. It says “#Poieverywhere” on it. From the website: “There are many ‘Jizou’ in Japan. Jizou are small stone statues that act as the ancient guardian deity of towns in Japan. People greet to, talk to and pray for the—I always greeted them when I came across them. In the back of my mind I always felt that the Jizou might help with something that I could rely on (heart and soul.) I wanted to embody something that I believe in and out of this came Poi. Because I live in NY now, I’m not available to greet  Jizou, so I decided to make my own—hence Poi in NYC. There’s also a map, with this explanation: “I’m using the connect the dot drawing game that I always played when I was a child, but instead of using a simple page, I’m using cities.”

Poieverywheremap20-30••• Most of the action at 375 Pearl has been focused on the addition of windows. But recently scaffolding showed up on the roof. Sure enough, the rendering shows that an ugly bulkhead is being added to the building—positioned so it’s not visible from the east, but really mucking up the view from the west.

375 Pearl375 PEarl render



  1. that’s an amazing picture of 111 Murray. Cool stuff.

  2. if there’s been a suspicious death on the premises, I wonder if they’ll bring down the price of 75 Warren from 19m