Seen & Heard: Can We Have Our Sidewalk Back?

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••• More of the restaurant at 385 Greenwich is unveiled. I wish we knew what it’s name will be, so I can stop calling it the Matt Abramcyk/Akiva Elstein restaurant in the former Ivy’s Bistro space. (The second photo is by R.)

385 Greenwich385 Greenwich by R••• Matt Bernson is evidently having a sample sale today (11 a.m.-8 p.m.) and tomorrow (11 a.m.-6 p.m.)

••• “The Hugh O’Kane Electric company is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business based in Tribeca,” commented Victoria O’Kane in response to my enthusiasm for the company’s logo. “The logo was designed by a local engraver who asked our grandfather if he could pay a bill with the logo and some engraved stationary (in lieu of debt). The logo has been a permanent staple of the business for over 60 years.”

••• Given that a whole lot of nothing is happening at 456 Greenwich (to be a big, fancy hotel), can’t the DOT make the owner give us back our sidewalks? At a minimum, the one on Greenwich? It’s so dangerous the way people walk on the street there.

456 Greenwich 456 Greenwich fence••• Bubby’s introduced a new happy-hour menu inspired by five-and-dime stores: Everything is $5.10. That dime reminds me of the new pricing at Kaffe 1668, where I buy a macchiato nearly daily. It used to be $4, then the price got raised to $4.20, which is an annoying price. Just make it $4.25! Then, the day afterward, I was told it’s actually $4.19, “but we don’t usually have pennies in the register.” (And it’s still $4 at the one by Beach Street.)

Bubbys happy hour menu



  1. That whole area has been a real pain to walk on for a while now with all the construction, but how hard is it to walk on the other side of the street? It’s not like that part of Greenwich is heavily trafficked anyway.

    • Erik Makes a great point though. Why can’t DOB have them make a temporary sidewalk (plastic barriers) for the side they have taken on Greenwich.

      People will walk down that side of the street anyway and at least this way it will be safer.

      I don’t understand how they got a permit to take EVERY SINGLE sidewalk adjacent to the building.

      Stranger still when there has been no building going on (stuck for permits I am sure)

  2. when bubby’s opened in the nineties after several businesses had failed at that location, they had very nice dinner specials for $7.