In the News: A Sign of Life at Bridge Café?

Lalo chilled chileatole with lump crab photo by Bobby Doherty for New York magazine••• Lalo, Gerardo Gonzalez’s new restaurant in the former Winnie’s space on Bayard, sounds terrific. (He was the chef who put El Rey on the map.) Above: Chilled chileatole with lump crab; photo by Bobby Doherty for New York magazine. —Grub Street

••• Daytonian in Manhattan researched the Bank of America building that used to be at 44 Wall. The post includes a very mysterious death at sea. “The body of Adolf Ladenburg was never found and the mystery of his supposed drowning was never solved. In the meantime, following her mourning period, Emily Ladenburg did not allow grieving to interfere with her social life.”

••• Could this be a sign of life at Bridge Café, closed since Sandy? —FiDi Fan Page

••• A photo of seats being delivered to the iPic cinema opening in October at the Seaport District. —FiDi Fan Page

••• “Current residents and business owners in Lower Manhattan (below Canal Street) as well as those who lived or owned businesses in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001 can visit the National September 11 Memorial Museum at no charge on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 5 p.m. to closing.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. FYI, when I was at the Battery Park City movie theater last week I saw that the top floor was closed, with a sign saying that they were adding the new recliner seats on that floor. I hope that means that they’re upgrading the sound system to Dolby Atmos. I’d imagine we’ll get at least one, so that they can designate it an AMC Prime theater and charge the big bucks. I’m psyched to have one of those theaters in BPC. I’ve been going to Times Square waaaay to much.

  2. You’ve been going to Times Square why when you have Regal Cinemas Battery Park City and Union Square plus Cinema Village East, Loews 19th Street etc?