Seen & Heard: Nobu Is Said to Have Postponed Its Move

••• A reader says that the word on the grapevine is that Nobu has asked to extend its lease at 105 Hudson three months (through March) because the new space at 195 Broadway won’t be ready before then.

••• “For the past few weeks a homeless woman seems to have made a bench in front of Best Market her home.  During that time she  has deteriorated both in appearance and behavior. Not sure if she is there at night or what to do to help her. Any thoughts?” I’m not sure we’ve ever come up with a way to help homeless people, especially if they’re not necessarily open to it. Folks?

••• Doug says that the Regal Battery Park Cinema is getting recliner-type seats on its top floor, at least: “I hope that means that they’re upgrading the sound system to Dolby Atmos. I’d imagine we’ll get at least one, so that they can designate it an AMC Prime theater and charge the big bucks.”

••• The Beekman hotel, opening tomorrow, posted a shot from inside. Ignore the 3.

courtesy Beekman Hotel••• Here’s some video by @GeorgeGusatello from inside the Kanye West pop-up.



  1. That homeless lady has been there for months….and yes she does sleep there overnight (i see here en route to the gym at 530am). Someone needs to help her…she has started screaming at people as they walk past. And the fact that she urinates in a venti starbucks cup in front of everyone is kinda disgusting. I know staff at Best Market give her stuff but seriously something needs to be done…

  2. There is also an older man living on the bench outside the under-construction Target space. He is there every day, sitting with a backpack next to him and often asleep sitting up. He does seem to have a smart phone though. He seems to be of more sound mind than the woman you reference, but it’s still troubling to see him there daily. Also, have folks seen the man living on the Chambers 2/3 platform? He never moves and I worry he may need medical help. Is there someone from city services that can be contacted?

  3. There is also a younger man living behind BMCC loading area, on the corner of Chambers. He has been there, on & off, for over a year. Sometimes he minds his own business, but other times he’s intoxicated and angry. One time when he was shouting at everyone walking past him, I called 911. After spending 25+ minutes on the phone and getting transferred multiple times, they hung up on me after telling me to “not go near him.” The whole point of my 911 call was to get him medical help/attention.

  4. The Coalition for the Homeless is a major advocacy organization. Here are their recommendations

  5. Numerous phone calls and even people stopped by first percent . They can do nothing. Emails were sent to coalitions for homeless . Nothing is being done. This woman and many other homeless are taking over our benches and our neighborhood. I do blame the mayor and the city. This woman screams s– in a cup pees also. I would never sit on any of the benches on my block ever again. They are waiting for these people to hurt a child or a person. People keep giving her food who do not live right on the block. I want her off the block and in a safe facility . Our neighborhood is becoming like s–! Hopefully when ps 150 starts the parents will complain. My neighbors who live right above best mart hear her all night scream and can’t even keep their windows open. I have to cross my own street from the smell. She has to go

    • Although a bit harsh, I do agree with most of what you said. Especially the part about idiots that don’t even live in the area giving homeless people food to encourage them to just camp out there. I don’t think people stop to think that the majority of these people need mental help and giving them money or food does more harm than good.

  6. I HAVEN’T SEEN HER FOR THE PAST 36 HRS…i did notice her the other morning like hiding in the parking garage….so either she is gone or hiding out in there…

  7. There is another woman who usually is parked in front of the old Western Union. And there is always someone on the sidewalk by the little park between Reade and Chambers. In fact, last spring we had a homeless guy break into our building and fall asleep in the stairwell! When our doorman came at 8 he was just leaving. Our doorman called the police, who came and took him away. Where, I don’t know. Apparently he left urine and cigarettes in the stairwell.

  8. Is anyone else troubled by the guy who lives at 40 Harrison who blares music on his boom box around 5:30-6 A.M.? He sits on a bench or the steps on Greenwich St., rocking back and forth, or striding up and down the street. One Sunday morning before 6, when he woke me up with the noise, I went downstairs and asked him to turn down the music. He screamed at me and ordered me to leave his neighborhood. I’ve called 311 numerous times to no effect. I’ve requested help from the doormen at 40 Harrison. Sometimes they come out and coax him to lower the volume; other times they say they can’t help if I don’t live at 40 Harrison.

    • Than man has been living here in an apartment for over 30 years. He harms no one and mostly keeps to himself. Yes sometimes his music is loud, it usually doesn’t last for more than 15 minutes, If he doesn’t take his meds. He’s OK and usually a lot nicer than the effete people complaining about him.

      • Agreed – He’s pleasant and harmless and a long time resident of Tribeca. Maybe take the time to say hi instead of yelling at him like you own the neighborhood. Apologies if he doesn’t fit in with the sanitized suburban version of Ohio that you assumed Tribeca would be when you moved here Jane (hint – it’s not).

  9. There is a persistent homeless encampment causing problems and threatening our street this summer. There is a homeless couple is residing on Dutch Street (on the sidewalk along side of 45 John Street where there is a scaffolding) near our door and two doors down from location of a nursery school called Downtown Little School at 15 Dutch Street. The nursery school children will start coming back in September. I am sure that this issue will frighten the families of the school as much as it does us.

    The encampment consists of a white male with short shaven hair (most of the time not wearing a shirt and wearing shorts). He has a long tattoo on his lower back. The woman is a dark skinned white woman with dark short hair usually wearing black.

    They block the sidewalk and sprawl out every evening making the sidewalk impassable. Their possessions, cardboard boxes and trash often block the sidewalk during the day as well. This has been consistently going on since mid-June. We do not know if they are sleeping, drugged but they do not seem to want to leave despite numerous 911, 311, homeless coalition outreach and police precinct calls.

    As you can see, I have spent an inordinate amount of my free time calling about this issue without results. I am at a loss to understand how we can get this resolved quickly without your help.

    As for managing this homeless situation, I wonder what BLOOMBERG did so well to keep it under control while Deblasio has clearly failed. Thoughts? I’m all ears on what else to do.

  10. I have noticed the woman who sits outside Best Market because she leaves there to sit outside the benches near Whole Foods. I have seen her pee in a cup in the phone booth. I haven’t heard her yelling though.
    A different homeless woman started yelling at me and threatened to kick my running stroller with my baby in it just last week. I think she thought I was threatening her as she may be schizophrenic. It shook me up that she would not hesitate to hurt a baby. I saw her later the same morning walking in the middle of Reade Street yelling, “All Hail Kale” while wearing a t-shirt that said the same on the back. I wonder if anyone else has felt threatened by this woman. She dresses very masculine and hangs out in BPC near the b-ball courts too. I had never had a run-in with her before (not to be confused with the other woman who sleeps in BPC with a big sweatshirt and backpack and uses bathroom in WMP for a very long time in the mornings who doesn’t look or speak to anyone).
    While I do feel bad for the homeless people who have nowhere to go, I do not want to feel as though they are a threat to safety.

    • OK so she has not left the area…only relocated to the corner of Greenwich and Murray (the corner that the new Target is opening on). Still the same…although this time when i was walking home from Equinox she flashed her titties…yup I’m scared for life…

  11. OK so she has not left the area…only relocated to the corner of Greenwich and Murray (the corner that the new Target is opening on). Still the same…although this time when i was walking home from Equinox she flashed her titties…yup I’m scared for life…