First Look: The Beekman Hotel

The Beekman atrium by @theprnetI’m out of town this week, so for the first look at The Beekman, the new Thompson Hotels property inside 5 Beekman, we have to turn to Instagram. Obviously, the dramatic atrium is of paramount interest, but luckily, people have also shared photographs of the lobby, reception, bar, and even (in the last photo) Tom Colicchio’s Fowler & Wells restaurant. As more get posted—and given how photogenic the Beekman is, I suspect they will—I’ll add them here.

The Beekman by @robbiebrewer The Beekman hotel atrium by @stefanrcg The Beekman hotel atrium by @tiffyhats The Beekman hotel bar room by @tiffyhats The Beekman hotel front desk by @tiffyhats The Beekman hotel lobby by @pacheconyc The Beekman hotel lobby by @tiffyhats Fowler and Wells by @l_fougereThat last one was Fowler & Wells. This is an additional one of the Beekman:

The Beekman hotel reception by lily_odare



  1. Absolutely incredible! Thanks for posting..
    Is it now open to the general public?

  2. When I walked by around 8pm last night it did NOT look open. Also there was still construction paraphernalia last night and this morning.

  3. Soft opening was the 23rd. Very soft. Only people with reservations.
    Went for my walk thru in the condo so was able to see the hotel.
    It’s spectacular. They really kept the orginal look and feel.
    It’s like stepping back in time.

  4. A remarkable lack of style for such a potentially stylish place

  5. went last night- Wends. for drinks in the lobby bar….in the hotel part….. nothing is open except rooms only……can’t imagine staying in a hotel with no drinks or room service or anything at all……… I was upset, to say the least….I knew the restaurants would be down ,but not the lobby bar if the did all this publicity for it being open.