The Water Painter

This summer, Tribeca artist Robert Janz has revisited the idea of impermanence, even ephemerality, with a series of water-based artworks that only last till they evaporate. Drawing on much of his usual iconography—dancing figures, “Bisomen,” and animal glyphs reminiscent of cave drawings—they struck me as just the right thing for a late-summer post. P.S. A show of his work opens Sept. 29 at the A|34 gallery in Barcelona.

Arca dancer by Robert JanzWater Glyph by Robert JanzCorner Biso by Robert JanzWater Biso4 by Robert JanzWater Glyph3 by Robert JanzWater Biso by Robert JanzWater Biso3 by Robert Janz Water Biso2 by Robert Janzwaterglyph by Robert JanzWater Dancer by Robert Janz



  1. I haven’t been lucky enough to spot this new work in person. I have though, met Robert on the street. He is a gentleman and a joy to speak to.

  2. Bravo Roberto,
    You old shaman, evoking the howl of the wolf and the moo of the moose to reposes their ancient rangeland.
    Keep it up
    Michael McKinnon

    • Michael,

      We met in 1978 at my parent’s in Upstate New York and then I stayed at your house in London for a time that fall. I hope all is going well with you and your family. I am an artist working with standing stones in St. Paul Minnesota and also go to New York quite often. I saw Robert at my father’s Marlborough Gallery show in February.


  3. Hello Robert,

    I love these new works – wonderful to see though I wish I could chance upon them on the streets of New York. I love the way some of yours interact with other street art and respond to the architecture.

    Warm regards,

    Philip Rickey
    St. Paul, MN

  4. Robert, latest is gorgeous! Congrats on Barcelona show, too! Love, love that town! Hugs and best, Vic

  5. Also, meant to add that the photos of your work are wonderfully captured.

  6. Como el buen vino usted consigue incluso mejor con edad….

  7. Roberto,
    Love this work.

  8. Roberto,
    Biso-man and the glyph gang have deposited some transitory wonders in our neighborhood. Thanks!!!

  9. think I need to get on a plane and come visit Robert…

  10. merci’ buckets to all. ooops!!! my bucket just tipped over!!! now I;ll have to do another spilled drawing! quick!!!


  12. From beach to woodland stream to concrete and all the urban blind spots the fading images leave an indelible impression.

    On my soul