In the News: Another Grand Banks at Brooklyn Bridge Park?

••• The Wall Street Journal looks into the history and operation of Grand Banks. Of note: “Plans to open a second boat in Brooklyn Bridge Park fell through. ‘We spent months renovating a beautiful historic ship, designing and building a restaurant on board, creating a new menu, hiring and training staff,’ Alexander [Pincus] said. The park has been supportive of their work, he said, but the marina has yet to be completed.” So it may yet happen…?

••• The New York Post says a man was found dead in the Hudson River, off Battery Park City.

••• Xi’an Famous Foods is considering opening a restaurant in FiDi. —Eater

••• A barge carrying a big fake potato made its way down the Hudson. —New York Post

••• The City Planing Commission heard testimony about the Pier 40 air-rights deal. Curbed‘s post includes at least one rendering of the proposed complex that I don’t think we’d seen before.

550 Washington rendering courtesy Cookfox