Seen & Heard: Our Friendly Neighborhood Groundhog

••• The spire of 1 World Trade Center was lit in the colors of the Italian flag. Photo by @jennybar17.

1WTC Italy by jennybar17••• Gary Graham got quite the cast to star in a short film, Palacetor (not sure how you say that…?) spotlighting his fall collection: actors Parker Posey, Gina Gershon, and Sunrise Ruffalo; artists Kara Walker and Alexandra Marzella; and musicians Jennifer Nettles and Naomi Young. The trailer:

••• Remember that groundhog that the New York Post spotted outside City Hall? Henry Tibensky seems to have run into it in City Hall Park.

City Hall Park groundhog by Henry Tibensky••• BAPE is hosting a pick-up basketball tournament on Sunday.

BAPE basketball tournament••• “First time seeing LinkNYC around here,” emailed J. about this whatchamacallit at Lafayette and White. I’m kind of oblivious to LinkNYC—are there others?

LinkNYC at Lafayette and White••• Opening Sept. 7 at Taymour Grahne Gallery: “Sunday” by Bruno Pacheco (pictured below) and “Deeper and More Troublesome” by Corey Escoto.

Sunday by Bruno Pacheco courtesy Taymour Grahne Gallery



  1. Gonna be a food hall coming to Canal St in Chinatown. Can’t wait to check it out when it opens later this yr.

  2. Given the recent comments about the homeless and homeless camps on this site, it may not be long before there are comments about homeless encampments at LinkNYC kiosks in Tribeca:

  3. The LinkNYC project is basically removing the remaining telephone booths in the city, and replacing them with high speed Wi-Fi hotspots, w/advertising, free browsing and free calls. It’s a project by CityBridge – a consortium of Qualcomm, CoMark and Intersection … the last of which was a merger between Control Group and Titan. Effectively phone booth ads out, and Titan gets digital ads everywhere, and phone calls are replaced with free calling as long as you have a headset. Oh, and you can charge your phone at these stations.

    Links are currently seen most prominent along 3rd Ave and 8th Ave. They will soon blanket the city. The Wi-Fi speeds are legitimately awesome.

  4. The groundhog is adorable. Hope he/she stays around.