Seen & Heard: Citi Bike Valet Service

••• Press release: “The Battery Park City Authority and Motivate, operators of the Citi Bike program, today announced that Citi Bike Valet Service will be launching as a pilot program at the West and Chambers Street docking station in Battery Park City. Citi Bike Valet Service provides for stress-free docking at more than a dozen busy bike share stations across Manhattan by assigning Citi Bike employees during designated hours to ensure docks are free for arriving cyclists. Extra bikes are also available for users to start their trips from the location. The pilot will officially begin on Monday, August 29. […] As part of the pilot program, Citi Bike employees will be stationed at the West and Chambers Street docking station on weekdays from 7:30am to 7:30pm. The program is scheduled to run through October 7, and if successful, will be extended to the end of the season on November 4.”

••• Opening Sept. 8 at Patrick Parrish: “Sex and Death, a solo exhibition of ceramic sculpture by Kansas City based artist Linda Lighton. In this exhibition, Lighton shows us a luscious and fragrant sensuality alongside stark, mechanical images of firearms. Large flowers growing gun forms, or a crystalline growth of lipsticks and bullets, look at the repellant and seductive forms of objects that cause pain or pleasure.”

Linda Lighton by EG Schempf••• The Famous Famiglia slice joint made a choice.

Famous Famiglia tweet••• From ICE NYC: “We are starting an amazing kids’ program this fall meant to foster a love for exercise, teamwork, and healthy habits. We are offering a free class on Wednesday, Sept. 7, for kids in the area to generate interest.” Email for details.

••• The TV show “Doubt” is shooting in the Reade/Lafayette area on Sunday.



  1. The Citibike valet is spectacularly good news. It means the end of being “dock blocked”. They offer it now in Bowling Green.

    • i hope the valet service helps. i gave up on citibike after two years because of blocked docks and more importantly the lack of bikes downtown at night. citibike moves our bikes uptown for the morning rush. there are three stations near city hall and they are almost always empty by 11pm.

  2. Good for Famous Famiglia!