Valentine No. 53

For the sixth summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see the previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

Harrison at Whole Foods tribecaI’m of the opinion that Harrison, who works security at Whole Foods’s Greenwich Street entrance most mornings, is the friendliest, happiest person I know, not that I actually know him, although we fist-bump every now and then. Give that man a raise!



  1. Three cheers for Harrison! Love him. Agree about the raise.

  2. Harrison shows us (or at least me) what life is really about. Is that nurture or nature, I wonder.

  3. What a great post! He is a great face to see practically every morning!

  4. That’s my “PUMPKIN FACE”…call him that next time you see him and he will laugh!!!

  5. A fantastic human being. Brightens my day every time I go in there! He should definitely get a raise!

  6. He’s terrific and v. professional. I saw him in action once (cought 2 teenage shoplifters) and he handled the situation like the pro that he is.

    • I hope the management note Harrison’s
      professional demeanour and learn a little.
      Ever the gentleman

    • I work 2 blocks away from Whole Foods and Harrison is quite personable. His smile is very welcoming and I wish I could clone him He will forever be youthful and wrinkle free because of his amazing smile and presence. I hope he is appropriately compensated for what he does and how he makes others feel. I hope he plays a role in your New Employee Orientation process.

  7. Harrison does a great job with a genuine smile. What a pleasure to see this post Eric. Nicely done.

  8. Harrison’s a great guy! Very friendly to everyone. He is super nice! Whenever there’s a shortage of baskets/carts, he tries to locate one for shoppers. :) He totally deserves an increase/promotion!

  9. Harrison definitely deserves a raise regardless of what he is earning now. I love his smile and friendly hello every time I enter the store.

  10. It is so great to see Harrison applauded here. I’m always happy when I see him.
    I hope he gets to see this page ASAP.

  11. It’s always a pleasure to see Harrison at the door. I had made a point of telling the store manager how wonderful he is and was told that he is not a WF employee but that they would definitely pass on the praise to his company if I put it in writing.

  12. Adore Harrison! Grateful for his presence and wonderful smile.

  13. Such a great guy! He is always happy and greeting guests with a welcoming smile. It is great to see this article.

  14. Bravo Eric for singling out Harrison
    In a world of the grumpiest shoppers ever he is a joy
    to be greeted by everyday
    Thanks !!!!

  15. Harrison has been a staple at Whole Foods for years. Every time I visit, I look for him subconsciously. I hope he continues to brighten up the lives of all who enter the doors, if only for a moment.

  16. Always on point super awesome guy and friend.
    I miss his smile and first bump when I used come either in the morning or working the closing shift. Kudos Harrison

  17. Yes! I agree, he is a wonderful man

  18. I love him! He always had a smile and a kind word for me when I was working there.

  19. Harrison is great!

  20. Good ol’ Harry O … Still holding down the fort.
    …Give him a raise

  21. Harrison is very deserving of all the accolades!! This needs to be forwarded to his supervisor somehow. Spread the kindness. Don’t look down. Look up…and smile at someone today!

  22. Love this post! Erik, you nailed this one. I hope Harrison sees this and knows how much he is appreciated. Whole Foods- give that man a raise!

  23. Harrison is a super guy and always makes you feel welcome. He also goes out of his way to say hi, fist bump as well as greet my kids. Need more of Harrison’s around!

  24. Seeing Harrison always brightens my day. He always has a smile and a nice word. Thank you for posting this. I hope he knows how much he is appreciated!

  25. And here I thought it was just me. Harrison is the bomb!

  26. Give him a raise! The nicest thing about Whole Foods is Harrison who makes my day. Love his new uniform shirt too.

  27. I am grateful for Harrison’s wonderful presence, too. Years ago I told him I lived on Harrison Street. (At B&N there’s a security guard named Franklin, which somehow delighted me too. Silly, I know!)

  28. Harrison brings sunshine to my day with his kindness and bright smile. He welcomes you to Whole Foods with a friendly greeting and is a very polite Gentleman. Harrison is always professional and makes Whole Foods Tribeca a wonderful place to shop. He really does deserve a raise!!!

  29. Erik thanks for doing the profile. Harrison is indeed a breath of fresh air. WF needs to hire him away from the security firm and have him be part of the WF family so he can make a real living.

  30. Couldn’t agree more! Harrison makes WF feel like a neighborhood spot!

  31. Absolutely their best employee. Make me feel like I’m a long lost friend every time I see him. A raise isn’t good enough. They should give him stock in the company. He’s earned it.

  32. One of the loveliest people I know. My daughter calls him her favourite man.

  33. Of all the things I’ve read on the world wide internets since Memorial Day, this is officially the single best feel-good post of the entire summer. We’ve since moved to Chelsea, but I still check TC once a day or so (kudos to you, Eric!) and Harrison should be the official face of Tribeca. I got a fist bump from him almost every single day for 4 years. He never knew my name. But I know if I saw him 10 years from now in the street he would light up and flash a winning grin without a seconds hesitation. So would I.

  34. Harrison brightens the daily lives of those in our community. His smile, his fist bumps and his friendliness make our neighborhood a better place to live.

  35. I reckon they should rename it “Harrison’s Whole Foods” haha

  36. Erik, you nailed it! Harrison is the face of Whole Foods for me. If I recall correctly, he’s been there since the beginning. Let’s do a flash mob parade for him one day!

  37. Harrison is Whole Foods “Jack of all trades.” When there is a need, he is right there to help.

  38. We all love Harrison, his smile is everything!

  39. I agree ! He always has a professional demeanor , very friendly ! I believe he knows almost everyone , God Bless him and where is his raise?

    • Thank You for that, and to all who commented on the article, I appreciate everyone who I have greeted coming through those doors. My job keeps me grounded and humble, that’s my balance about life just being myself. Love Ya Eric for this is a great look, this is a first for me.

  40. The raise won’t be coming from Whole Foods though. Harrison and other security personell are employed by an outside security firm hired by WF. Too bad. He certainly deserves it.

  41. Harrison is the best ! My grandkids live in Washington DC . He remembers their names !

  42. How did I not see this post before??? Harrison is the BEST ever!! Helpful, friendly and a positive force! Love him!!!

  43. I haven’t seen Harrison at WF Tribeca for weeks. I hope he is still working there and our schedules are just different now? Can anyone confirm?

    • I had hoped he was just working later in the day (and I only go to the store in the morning). I just emailed him. If I don’t hear back, I’ll try asking the store.

      • Thanks Erik. Good for him if he got a better opportunity somewhere. Sad for us who really liked seeing him almost every day.

  44. I haven’t seen Harrison for a few weeks either. Where is he??

    • Thanks for asking about me, I’m back at the Tribeca store doing
      the overnights there at Whole Foods. At this time I can’t do the
      daytime because I take care of my father. so for right now this is
      what I got to do, so catch me there till 8 a.m. at Whole Foods.
      Thank You and to all the customers for your support and keeping
      me in your prayers, MUCH LOVE.