Another New Building on Warren Street

79-81 WarrenThe two buildings at 79-81 Warren will soon be replaced by one eight-story residential building. City Realty has the scoop: “Developed by 81 Warren Group, LLC and designed by PACS Architecture, the project enlarges two pre-war walk-ups (3 and 4 stories each) and completely reconfigures them inside and out. […] Inside, 12 residential units, including two penthouses, will be carved out and added to the structures. […] The ground floor will host a single duplex commercial unit, possibly housing a restaurant as depicted in the rendering.” That’s partially where Il Giglio used to be.

And it’s one more construction project for Warren: 12 Warren (nearly done), 30 Warren (in demolition phase), the W. Broadway assemblage (not yet in demolition), and 86 Warren (where a 12-story building was just announced).

79-81 Warren rendering 79-81 Warren progression



  1. RIP forever Il Giglio. Great food, but a dank atmo and the most depressed-looking servers of any restaurant anywhere.

  2. Jon– hahahahaha. You nailed it. We live across the street and would go there often. It was also a good place to visit if you craved some old fashioned service to go with your super expensive Italian food! A double RIP! ??