Seen & Heard: The Four Seasons at Street Level

••• Finally! The sidewalk on the Church side of 30 Park Place has been unveiled. We soon should be able to walk there again. (Thanks to the reader who sent these two pix and the next one.)

30 Park Place northwest corner30 Park Place southwest corner••• The under-renovation 6 Cortlandt Alley, a.k.a. 372 Broadway, has also been unveiled. Looks sharp.

6 Cortlandt Alley••• Opening September 8 at Apexart: “Botany under Influence explores systems of meaning that have been impressed upon nature, flora, and seeds throughout eras of imperialism, colonialism, and globalization. […] The artworks in this show share counter-official histories around flora, drowning us in an abundance of ‘strange flowers.’ Several pieces adopt the aesthetics of natural history illustrations, while two videos recall the links between botany, traditional healing methods, and spirituality. Despite the plants’ beauty, our unease reminds us that what is at stake with nature’s circulation routes goes beyond relations of power: it is about our origins, collective memory, and survival. Two bouquet sculptures that wither during the show embody this ephemerality and the idea of commemoration.” Below: “Aristolochia bilobala (Nimine)” and “Veronica frutescens (Mazerine)” from Joscelyn Gardner’s Creole Portraits series.

Joscelyn Gardner, Aristolochia bilobala and Veronica frutescens from the series Creole Portraits••• Here’s what a promotional event at the Westfield World Trade Center Oculus looks like. It’s for Lacoste, up through Sunday.

Lacoste event at WTC••• Opening September 22 at Art Projects International: Il Lee: New Paintings/40 Years in New York. “On view from September 22 to November 19, 2016, the exhibition is the largest showing of Lee’s work in recent years and spans his career over the past four decades in New York City. To accompany the exhibition, a fully-illustrated catalogue will be published.” I’m going to need to get my hands on that catalogue. Below: “BL-1601,” ballpoint ink on canvas.

BL-1601 by Il Lee••• My long stint in the country is about to end, and before heading back to the city, we finally made it to the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Ct., for lunch. Former Tribecan Annie Wayte is the chef—at one point she was hoping to open a restaurant in Tribeca, but she decamped to Connecticut instead. I wish we’d been able to make it to dinner (Friday and Saturday only), when the menu is fancier, but lunch in the Tap Room is still highly recommended. And the inn looks nice, too.

White Hart Inn