In the News: Squirrels Abandon Battery Park City

••• The New Yorker has a video on Pisillo Italian Panini. Love Pisillo! But this perfectly illustrates how online video is hard to make one’s own; this could be from any media outlet.

••• A column in the New York Times about the World Trade Center mall has interesting parts from Lynne B. Sagalyn’s new book, Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan, about Westfield’s involvement in making the mall 150,000 square feet larger than the one destroyed in 9/11. Personally, I could do without the hand-wringing over the desecration of “sacred land.”

114 Hudson house in 1932 from the collection of the New York Public Library••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of the cute 1801 house at 114 Hudson that survived until 1989, when….

The 188-year old house was bulldozed by a developer. Preservationists were astonished. The building was on the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s list of structures “highly worthy of saving.” But because it had not yet been calendared by the LPC for a hearing regarding potential landmark designation, the New York City Department of Buildings could not withhold approval of the demolition application.

••• That sound you hear on Tuesday night will be Demi Lovato performing on the roof of Spring Studios for a Hillary Clinton  fundraiser co-hosted by Huma Abedin and an unnamed “legendary Vogue editor,” presumably that one with the bob. —New York Post

••• The squirrels of Battery Park City have mainly left. —Downtown Express


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  1. I remember the Lo Jan Coffee Shop. A “dirty spoon” if ever there was one, but what an Old New York atmosphere! Harvey Keitel was a regular.