Kylie Jenner Bought a Tribeca Penthouse

courtesy Kylie JennerFirst came two emailed rumors, followed by an anonymous confirmation: Model Kylie Jenner bought the penthouse at the new 15 Leonard. Brace yourself for the television crews (for her family’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” TV show), paparazzi, and fans.

The photo above, from Jenner’s Facebook page, appears to have been taken at the Smyth hotel. Below: Two renderings of 15 Leonard. And I’ve included Jenner’s current Vogue cover, so those of us out-of-it types can get a better look at her; she’s better known as a brunette. (The full shoot is here.) UPDATE: I’m one of those out-of-it types. The Vogue model is Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, as a commenter points out. So wait, is Kylie a model, too? Or just a “personality”?

UPDATE: Curbed says the penthouse shot is probably from 15 Leonard, looking east, which does make some sense, now that they mention it. (One begins to wonder how much of this post I actually got right….) I’ve added the Douglas Elliman listing photo for the penthouse so you can see for yourself.

UPDATE 9/8: There’s hope for those of you in despair… “Can’t confirm this,” comments ID, “but according to the project manager at 15 Leonard, the Kardashians are just renting the penthouse for fashion week? As a resident of the block I’m praying this is true.” That would certainly seem more likely, given the family’s history of staying wherever they’ll get put up.

15 Leonard penthouse rendering15 Leonard renderingVogue September 2016 cover15-leonard-ph-copy



  1. Doesn’t Taylor Swift live next door?

  2. those are two different jenners! (kylie and kendall)

  3. I hate that I know this, but you are getting Kylie and her sister Kendall (the Jenner sister on the September cover of Vogue) mixed up. Regardless, I wish they would all stay in California.

  4. Man the lifeboats!

  5. I really wish that trash family stay in CA.

    • One of the few things I do know about the Kardashians/Jenners is that they don’t especially care what people think of them. There’s something appealingly Horatio Alger-ish about their story: Dealt an unremarkable hand (decent looks, big ass, few privacy issues), they really made the most of it. I neglected to mention that the penthouse sold for $7.07 million—way down from the $18.5 million list price, but not exactly chump change. It’s the American dream, circa 2016.

      • People often say that they are not famous for anything, but they are famous for exactly one thing, that their father defended a multiple murderer. The Horatio Alger myth is one wherein the protagonist achieves success by hard work and ingenuity, isn’t it?

        I won’t blame the children for the father’s judgment, but to be clear, their background isn’t unremarkable. They are celebrities by virtue of the fact that their parent put his abundant effort and skill into freeing a killer of innocent people.

        • That may have initially made the Kardashian name, but I doubt that many of the millions of people who follow the family now have any knowledge of it.

        • I thought they are famous for one thing only: a sex tape.

          • I guess I had known about that too, but it completely slipped my mind. Once again the world’s imagination is fueled by the inevitable axial connection of sex and death. Or maybe Erik is right and it’s mostly about an outsized ass.

      • I think you’re really out of it for this one. The ph is still up for sale for 18+. There’s a 6th floor simplex up for sale for 7+. Not sure how you got that the ph sold for 7. Come on. There is no way that the ph would sell for a 50% cut and the same as a simplex only a year earlier (any of the sold apts which went for around mid to hig 6) unless they discovered nuclear waste below the building.

  6. And there goes the neighborhood?

  7. Because our block isn’t crapped up enough by the construction.

  8. A Kardashian (aka Jenner) living in Tribeca? Shit yeah! I wish they would all move here. Except Khloe. At least, until she gets her up and down weight under control! Am I right, nannies? Just in time for the fall weather and the anticipation of the first sighting of the black puffy jackets and vests!!!

  9. 15 Leonard is designed by terrific and longtime Tribeca architect Wayne Turett. So she has good taste in design!

  10. Can’t confirm this, but according to the project manager at 15 Leonard, the Kardashians are just renting the penthouse for fashion week? As a resident of the block I’m praying this is true.

  11. According to reliable sources, one of them has been staying in the building next door to me this summer. Will not tell where, but in central Tribeca. Sorry for the tease. Large vans and large men hang around in the street waiting to transport them to wherever they go. Beautiful women come and go. Guys are friendly.

  12. Let’s just stay focused on HH’s comment on my comment, that it was “aAAAAaaamazing!”