Seen & Heard: Opening Forecasts for the Beekman Restaurants

••• You can* now walk into the Beekman hotel, but you can’t eat or drink there yet. Tom Colicchio’s Fowler & Wells and the lobby bar (the Living Room) are trying to get open next week; Keith McNally’s Augustine is looking more like early October. *And you should! There’s not a whole lot else to see besides the atrium—which is as amazing as it looks in photos—and some groovy dioramas embedded in a wall off the front desk. Still, just being inside 5 Beekman is neat and everyone working there was lovely. (The atrium isn’t as dark as it looks below.)

The Beekman atrium••• Shooting yesterday today in the Chambers/Broadway area: Going Places, a “spin-off of The Big Lebowski centered on the notable bowler, Jesus Quintana,” per IMDB. With John Turturro, Susan Sarandon, Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tatou, and Sonia Braga.

••• Those trashy Spirit Halloween pop-ups are starting to appear, including at Franklin and Broadway and at the old J&R store at 1 Park Row.

••• A huge metal box has been installed on Church, near Barclay. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in a year.

big ugly box on Church••• I wandered over to the World Trade Center mall yesterday. Of note…. 1) Épicerie Boulud is just to the west of the lower level of the Apple store. It looks a little Cibo Express at this point….

Epicerie Boulud at WTC mall2) I had been wondering where the restrooms would be. They’re on both levels of the hallways that lead to 4 World Trade Center, in the last kink before you reach the escalators. This one is convenient for tastings at the Pure Liquid wine store. UPDATE: Hudson River says there are others; see the comments.

restrooms at WTC mall3) On the upper level of the passageway to 4 World Trade Center, there’s now signage showing where the 3 World Trade Center lobby will be accessed.

future 3WTC lobby entrance at WTC mall4) And there’s also signage for a bunch of subway stations. From the top: E train entrance on the level just below the mall’s Vesey Street entrance; 1 train entrance somewhere but I can’t remember exactly where (oops); another 1 train entrance, dramatically located just below the doors at the west end of the Oculus.

future E entrance at WTC mall future 1 entrance at WTC mall another future 1 entrance at WTC mall



  1. I was also curious about the restrooms, since they’ve been saying for years that the restrooms for the memorial will be in the hub, instead of people trying to use restrooms in local stores. Besides the ones you mention, there is one at the Church/Liberty Street entrance, next to the upper level of Banana Republic, and in the passageway between the lower level of the Apple Store and John Varvatos, and on the level just above that one. The ones in Eataly are in at long food-free connecting corridor with the matching games and info in he graphics.

    Re the subway entrances: do you realize that when you walk down those stairs at the western end of the oculus to the PATH train, you are walking *under* the #1 train?! (The way the levels work in that space still astounds me.) It goes thru that box-like thing, where your last picture was taken. The one before that was taken on the upper level of the hallway to 4WTC.