Seen & Heard: Progress at Serafina

••• J. peeked inside the Serafina restaurant coming to W. Broadway and Reade. A sigh of progress! (That’s a pizza oven.)

serafina-tribeca-by-j••• I popped into Melet Mercantile, the shop/showroom that recently opened at 76 Franklin. Bob Melet explained that the shop is open to everyone, not just design teams (its primary clientele), generally by appointment but you can try dropping by—but if they’re busy helping a team you may be asked to come back later. It’s fantastic browsing. If style is your thing, do check it out. (P.S. The patches on the home page are from Melet Mercantile’s Montauk outpost.)

Melet Mercantile••• Eataly is now giving out maps at the customer service desk (to the right as you step off the escalator).

eataly-map••• Today: “Multiple street closures will be in effect in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx on Saturday, 9/10, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m, in support of the 2016 NYC Century Bike Tour.” No clue if this affects us; the map is not very unhelpful.

••• Also today: another flyover. “Five F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft will conduct a flyover [today], September 10, starting at 3 p.m. The aircraft will fly from Newark Airport along the Hudson River and continue northeast to then perform a flyover over the U.S. Open.” I guess you have to do something with your fighter jets now that we do so much attacking with drones.

••• And there’s a parade on Sunday, according to the flyers on Barclay between Broadway and Church. The city’s street-closure map doesn’t really illuminate things. But you should probably drive as little as possible in the area on September 11 anyway….

street-closures-on-91116••• Friends of Bogardus Plaza’s annual Jazzfest is next Saturday, Sept. 17, from 11 a.m to 2 p.m., with music, kids’ activities, refreshments, and more. Upon learning about this, I asked whether there was an update as to when the big renovation/combination project might start, and the word was that it’s been pushed back to spring at the soonest. No doubt that getting anything achieved in the city is tough, but let’s hope this can get going sooner than later—it’d be a real boon for south Tribeca. The plans are here, if you never saw them or simply forgot.

••• World Trade Center mall: Signage for Crabtree & Evelyn (skincare), Havianas (flip-flops), and Solstice (sunglasses) is up at the eastern end of the passageway between the PATH station and Brookfield Place.

crabtree-evelyn-havianas-and-solstice-at-westfield-world-trade-center••• And next time you’re in the mall, do stop and admire the PATH concourse, now fully opened.




  1. Do you know when is Serafina planning to open now? they kept postponing…
    Also do you know what they are doing in those two spaces on the sides of the Cosmopolitan’s entrance on West Broadway? Are they just expanding the lobby?