Seen & Heard: Wolfgang Puck’s Cut Opens Monday

••• The State Liquor Authority’s hearing on Buddha Bar’s application for 62 Thomas will be Tuesday, September 27, at 317 Lenox Ave. (126th St.).

••• “In case you don’t already know, the sidewalk on Church between Barclay and Park Place is now fully open and turns the corner as far as the entrance to the Four Seasons.” Great news! “Also, I stopped by CUT and they said they were opening on Monday. And the hotel is flying three flags—U.S., New York State and Canadian.” I don’t think I’d know the New York State flag if it slapped me in the face. [Looks it up.] Meh. P.S. Four Seasons is a Canadian company. P.P.S. I had hoped for a preview tour but I guess I’ll have to work up a disguise and infiltrate. From the hotel’s website:

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in the lively and convivial atmosphere of CUT by Wolfgang Puck […] With its own signage and entrance on Church Street alongside the Four Seasons Private Residences at 30 Park Place, CUT by Wolfgang Puck seats 86 for main-room dining and 32 in the lounge area, which includes 10 seats at the bar. A private dining room seats 31 and serves as a perfect enclave for celebrations and social and business gatherings.

••• Dîner en Blanc was in Wagner Park last night.

••• Mmuseumm is hosting a birthday party for Japanese inventor Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats, and you’re invited.

mmuseumm-nakamats-birthday-invite••• “Law & Order: SVU” will be back in the Chambers/Broadway again on Tuesday.


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  1. Thanks for the mention of Dr. Nakamatsu’s 88th Birthday event at Mmuseumm. I’m involved in this, and it’s been a trip. Most everyone in Japan knows the celebrated/notorious inventor, but I’m still shocked to find that he has a devoted following here. Having been connected to Japan all my life, I grew up being aware of this phenomenal man (it’s hard to pin down a title: scientist, philosopher, entertainer – my strong recommendation is that you not try). He’s an outlying figure who’s worth rushing to the edges to observe. For those who want to learn more, perhaps no single article sums him up, but this may help: