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tweet kids with shivstweet raised eyebrowstweet baguettestweet chain sawstweet deli coffeetweet pee in tribecatweet Pokemontweet Tulumtweet where eventweet where even2tweet your tribeca is showingUPDATE: I deleted two by the user’s request. If you want your tweets to remain private, you have to change your settings.



  1. Haters shall hateth.

  2. Excluding one child, I hate all of Tribeca’s children. And despise their parents. Am I the only one?

  3. I hate myself. Does that count?

    • This isn’t about you, Marcus. This isn’t about you….Marcus.

      • I do not understand the meaning of your punctuation variations, but I’m sure there is a hidden insult in there which will make me think even less of myself. Therefore I will exile myself to the desolate wastelands of TriBeCa, where Pokemon go to die of boredom.